rfid passive tags

DAILY's customized Passive RFID Tag with long lifespan

Want to find customized passive RFID tag with long lifespan? DAILY RFID can customize passive RFID tags with superior performance on a variety of surfaces. With superior printing and encapsulation technology, the durable tags can provide a useful life of ten years or more to keep the investment low.

With minimum size at dia. 9mm, DAILY's passive RFID tag can be made small enough for encapsulation into the applications in consumer goods and other areas. Compare with the active tag, the passive RFID tag is much smaller in size, since it functions without a battery.

Customized, durable RFID Passive Tags in various forms

RFID passive tags can come in various form factors, just like passive RFID disc tag, RFID key tags and RFID wristband tag. Daily’s passive RFID tags feature long lifespan, small size and stable performance.

RFID passive tags are usually chosen because they are low cost and small enough to be used in almost unlimited applications. DAILY RFID can design appropriate passive tags to make them encapsulate into tagging items for creating embedded RFID applications. Besides, the tags can be customizable, including number, logo and coding printing.

RFID passive tags for unlimited applications - from DAILY RFID

RFID passive tags are in the ascendant as a result of their low cost and long lifespan, and most of all - can be used in almost unlimited applications. DAILY RFID is excellent in producing and designing the RFID passive tags, just like RFID wristbands and RFID jewelry tags.

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