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What's Digital All About?

Remember those Star Trek episodes "Scotty, beam me up!" ?

We humans have always dreamed of "beaming" ourselves, objects or even travel in time. In fact, every morning I travel on the London Underground to work, I ask myself how the world would look like, if we could all be "beamed". But that's all science fiction - everybody would agree!

Effective Spillover Effects

The dawn of the web has given the word "publishing" a whole lot of new dimensions. In fact, the web is nothing but about publishing after all. Publishing means basically making content, mainly text, images and multimedia available for a broader audience. Since such a wide audience can now reach the web, online media has become an interesting channel for publishing. There are several advantages of online publishing, amongst which the most important one is probably the timeliness. Publishing on the web has become more or less instant, particularly since the rise of "Web 2.0", the participative web.

Can Your Toes Hear?

I have recently visited the Sonic Bed_London exhibition at the RichMix in East London.

At first I was surprised. What I was looking at resembled a giant wooden speaker laid on the back with mounted mattresses and cushions on it. Next to the wooden stairs that lead into the box was a decoratively written label saying "Please remove your shoes."

How we navigate in(to) the future

It is known to be a very common problem in humankind: Navigation. I believe, the way we put ourselves into local context will change profoundly in the future.


Security Alert: How To Reveal All Usernames and Passwords in Firefox

You should always set a master password in Firefox. For the sake of convenience though, nobody does. This leads into a major security threat: Go to the Firefox "Preferences" click on "Privacy" and then on the "Passwords" tab. You will see something like:


Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!

Steve Jobs talks to graduates at Stanford University. The tips are just as good for anyone just graduated!

A small step for man ...

Curiosity is as old as humankind. Ever since humans exist, they want to explore the world they are living in. They want to reach the “Edge of the World” to see what’s beyond it, even if it puts their lives in great danger.


Many conquerers and explorers left their harbors and sailed the seas without having an idea where they are going not to mention whether they will survive. Many of them died at sea, but - as we know today - nobody died of falling off the “Edge of the World”.

Graffiti, Art, Flickr and Geo Tagging

Did you know that the London based graffiti artist Banksy has most of his artworks collected on Flickr

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