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Cost-effective RFID Reader Module Expedites Warehouse Management Immensely

In many warehouse management fields, achieving easy integration into most RFID programs and expedites inventory immensely is the purpose of designing RFID reader modules. In order to expand the RFID technology and improve RFID management, DAILY RFID, has newly released RFID reader module-the cost-effective UHF Medium Range Reader DL930 for RFID applications, especially for warehouse management. With unique design and high performance, this RFID reader module enables low power consumption in data communication and implements highly efficient warehouse management.

revolutionary design that forever changed

Pleased to present a selection of Elsa Peretti, Tiffany & Co objected to the British Museum, which will form part of the Museum’s collection of modern design. The collection has been started a temporary display from 1st May 2009.Tiffany &Co. founded in 1837, has been prevailing among the world for nearly two tiffany, tiffany by the topic of love and beauty, romance and dreams. It satisfies the fantasy and desires of all the women.

durable tiffany jewelry is never

If you watch a lot of music videos or a lot of famous sports players nowadays, you will see that they all like to wear unique tiffany jewelry because it's the "in" thing. Maybe they wear tiffany rings, earrings or necklaces much more to show how much money they spent on them, not to show their pendants. Anyway, you don't have the need to fall into the same boat as these people, and you can wear tiffany necklaces or pendants for the reasons you feel are right. The point is you do believe that superb magic of tiffany jewelry to gain whatever you want.

DAILY RFID Announces UHF RFID Wristband of EPC Gen2

DAILY RFID(www.rfid-in-china.com ) has developed a GEN 2 RFID Wristband. The GEN 2 RFID Wristband is the first of its kind. The wristbands are constructed from 100% pure non-allergenic silicone and designed using ISO 18000-6 compliant inlays.

Against Censorship at Flickr

Flickr has introduced a new filter system. It is meant in a good way but it restricts countries to their local Terms of use which is discriminating. Flickr users in England have more rights than users from Germany and Korea.

“If your Yahoo! ID is based in Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong or Korea you will only be able to view safe content based on your local Terms of Service.”

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