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Codev2 by Lawrence Lessig free download

Codev2 by Lawrence Lessig Codev site

From the Preface: "This is a translation of an old book—indeed, in Internet time, it is a translation of an ancient text." That text is Lessig's "Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace." The second version of that book is "Code v2." The aim of Code v2 is to update the earlier work, making its argument more relevant to the current internet.

Music copyright event, London 13. November 06

Date Nov 13, 2006 - Time 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Location: Conway Hall - 25 Red Lion Square - London, WC1

Open rights group
Should the term of copyright protection on sound recordings stay at 50 years or be extended?

This question has been hanging in the air for the last couple of years, with the music industry lobbying government for an extension on the grounds that the royalties they earn from old recordings are essential to bringing new acts to the stage and supporting ageing musicians. They believe that copyright term on sound recordings should be the same length as the copyright in the composition, which currently stands at life plus 70 years.

Unbounded Freedom

Unbounded Freedom here the blog of Unbounded Freedom here some related links from The Register Creativity and »

Hey, let’s take part! It’s all for free!

Let's say, I have apples. A lot of apples. And I want to have a pear. What would I do? I would look out for someone who has a lot of pears and then trade an apple for a pear. This concept works fine, as long as the opposite is actually interested in my apples. But what if the my trading partner is actually looking for bananas? This makes the situation a bit more complex.

The solution to this would be, that you introduce some kind of "medium" that just bears value but other than that, there is nothing more to it. We've done it, we call it "money".

gnotorious remix

gnarls Biggie is an independant released infringement-laden remix project put together by the increasingly (g)notorious DJ unit, Sound Advice. The disc is filled with chopped Gnarls Barkley tracks, and layered with the timeless lyrics of New York's black Frank White, Biggie Smalls. Completed over the past few weeks, the disc has been repeatedly removed from myspace, but that hasn't thwarted its creators. If anything it has made them work harder to share their creation with music lovers. Sit back, relax and give it a listen. get there

Building Dwelling Thinking by Martin Heidegger

Building Dwelling Thinking by Martin Heidegger

In what follows we shall try to think about dwelling and building. This thinking about building does not presume to discover architectural ideas, let alone to give rules for building. This venture in thought does not view building as an art or as a technique of construction; rather it traces building back into that domain to which everything that is belongs. We ask:

We-Make-Open -Source-Not-Money

The Take Away Festival in the Node London context once more showed up, how closely software development, media and arts are connected to each other.

For many people, at the first glance, there may not seem to be an intermediate connection between those industries - particularly not between software development and arts.

Give pleasure open source

Freeopen, no money, and all the way up to the “Ideastore” - impressions.

With slide bitter lemons on the lips of the originators and activists, ended the open congress: see we did again something valuable for free, means for nothing, means for not the adequate amount of public money we deserve to get. And yes you are right. Competition is tough between Londonistan and Londinium about budgets which are limited and a lot of folks need to be paid and lets face it, its was not a charity event for homeless Net artists.

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