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.What are the implications for the network when implementing RFID?

RFID and bar codes are both technologies that deliver data to a host system; however, there is a main point of difference. Bar codes utilize one-way serialized and periodic data. RFID is two-way. Data can be delivered from multiple tags effectively in parallel, and—by virtue of not requiring human intervention—can provide more data in real time.

What's Digital All About?

Remember those Star Trek episodes "Scotty, beam me up!" ?

We humans have always dreamed of "beaming" ourselves, objects or even travel in time. In fact, every morning I travel on the London Underground to work, I ask myself how the world would look like, if we could all be "beamed". But that's all science fiction - everybody would agree!

Maybe that’s web 3.0

Those were the words of my friend Jochen Doppelhammer when he showed me the website SellaBand. And in fact I find the idea just amazing.

The concept is simple, connecting creators, in this case musicians, and believers, in this case investors. You enter the website, check some interesting stuff (out of 5 bands I’ve listened to, I liked 2, not necessarily a good statistic but gets you going anyway), and if you like it, you make a contribution for the artists. However, this contribution is not a simple “yes my boy, keep the good work” action, but actually it grants you a share of the artist’s stocks. The top goal for each artist is to reach US$ 50.000, so each US$ 10 (the minimum) contribution gets you 0.02% of the contract. I checked the charts for contribution and some artists have already reached US$ 14.000, with a single believer putting US$ 810 out of his own pocket.

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