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HF RFID Module Makes RFID Module Reader High-efficiency with Low Cost

In general, HF RFID module, a part of contactless automatic identification tech products, also uses the wireless radio frequency communication to realize long distance identification. Currently, HF RFID module has been widely and successfully applied into warehouse management along with the rapid expansion of e-commerce and logistics industry.

Cost-effective RFID Reader Module Expedites Warehouse Management Immensely

In many warehouse management fields, achieving easy integration into most RFID programs and expedites inventory immensely is the purpose of designing RFID reader modules. In order to expand the RFID technology and improve RFID management, DAILY RFID, has newly released RFID reader module-the cost-effective UHF Medium Range Reader DL930 for RFID applications, especially for warehouse management. With unique design and high performance, this RFID reader module enables low power consumption in data communication and implements highly efficient warehouse management.

RFID Reader Modules Increase the Efficiency and Reduce the Development Cost of RFID solutions

With the development of RFID tech and the maturity of RFID reader module, more and more RFID products have showed up in every area of people’s work and life. Odd-come-shortly, DAILY RFID, a leading professional RFID products manufacturer and provider, has also released HF RFID reader module - 01, in order to offer high-performance capabilities for a variety of RFID products. Nowadays, in virtue of implementing the direct commands receiving, the latest launched RFID reader module is increasingly sought-after in market and numerous application fields.

OEM RFID Reader Module with Two Frequency versions available

DAILY RFID has released tiny RFID Reader Module with a small size approximately the size of a business card. There are two frequency versions including 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz for options. And it can be integrated into RFID devices for a cost-effective solution while keeping the equivalent performance.

The RFID module is ideal for RFID embedded applications while enabling low power consumption. The LF/HF RFID Reader module is designed as integrators to install into printers, terminals and handheld devices via a USB interface for power supply and data transmission.

125KHz RFID Reader Module with easy data transfer function

DAILY RFID has recently launched 125KHz RFID Reader Module designed for data communication. It provides a user-friendly mode for data transfer, while enabling low power consumption.

The LF 125KHz RFID reader module uses Built-in USB port as its communication interface for data transferring by connecting to PC. In addition, the low frequency RFID reader has Two-LED indication as a signal lamp for standby search and data communications.

Mini RFD Reader Module for RFID Embedded Applications

DAILY RFID has released mini RFID Reader module, which is easy to integrate into many LF/HF RFID programs. It provides a high performance and cost-effective platform for embedding into RFID applications.

The RFID Reader module is well designed to use in RFID embedded applications. With a small size of approximately a standard card size, the LF/HF reader module is used as integrators to install into printers, terminals and handheld devices via a USB interface for power supply and data communication.

DAILY released low cost RFID Reader Module series

DAILY RFID has launched a series of RFID Reader module for easy integration into most LF/HF RFID programs with a low cost. The reader module delivers high performance while enabling low power consumption.

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