Angela Merkel: I am pleased with joy that there was an success, to kill Bin Laden

As my Friend Benjamin rightly says, private property, like my house, my computer, my hard-drive, my memory-stick, all confiscated. The owner killed, is showing us how far our right as democratic citizens can go, this is mapped to western legal standards: robbery murder. For sure Osama was not a hones tax payer, in an day to day job, earning the money for his family. By that that the US troops acted outside of US jurisdiction space, in Pakistan in an extra-juridical killing, some now rightly mentioning this is illegal. Because basically the US acts as AL Qaida is acting, Osama should had to be captured and properly prosecuted in court, similar to the trials Israel is proceeding with captured 2WW criminals. Osama was an criminal and should be prosecuted publicly by an criminal court. Imagine the trial broadcasted worldwide, this would have been a reality soap with numerous seasons.

The chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel's reaction to the killing of Osama: "Ich freue mich darüber, dass es gelungen ist, Bin Laden zu töten" / I am pleased with joy that there was an success, by killing Bin Laden.

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