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Tassel-trimmed clogs and old-school undies? Why not? After a year of dreary headlines, designers unleashed a whimsical group of trends that poke a crayola-hued nail in the recession's eye.From Alberta Ferretti's gossamer-thin gowns to Prada's Perspex mules, transparency left little to the imagination in almost every collection. This season, designers are protecting our collective modesty by providing us with a healthy selection of undergarments to be worn under, attached to, or even on top of their sheer nothings. Jean Paul Gaultier and cheap earrings rings cornered the underwearas-outerwear look long ago. This season, Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi, Nina Ricci and Alexander Wang threw their "support" behind reviving it. John Galliano gave us underwear with serious cheap bracelets at Christian Dior, and Marc Jacobs made the case for quirky layering - which was immediately embraced by his new BFF, Lady Gaga.
Globe-trotting sans trousers may have put Gaga on the map, but let's face it, bikini briefs under a key rings sale of chiffon aren't going to cut it for most of us. A sturdier solution: knickers, pantaloons, bloomers or full-on granny pants. Call them what you will, this season's favourite bottom half lies money clips between a cheap pendants and fashion blasphemy. Prada, Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent are just a handful of the collections that offered this full-coverage solution which, if they provide some tummy-flattening services, is the nicest thing fashion has done for us in a while. On the flipside, we have Alexander Wang's grey tighty whities, which are best left to beautiful men on Calvin Klein billboards.
Of course, the pantaloon's kissing cousin is the bicycle short - which is also tiffany tiffany sale a renaissance. In neoprene at Prada and Marni, or brocade at Louis Vuitton those which haven't been spotted outside a spinning class in the past decade are once again high-fashion fare. If you can't remember dancing to MC Hammer in the early '90s, enjoy. Otherwise, you're going to look like you left the house in your Spanx.If you prefer to wear your whimsy as a garnish, you're in luck. From Alexander Wang's Brady clutch that looks remarkably like a deflated football, to neon-tinted foxtails clipped to purses at Louis Vuitton, you'll find countless ways to inject a sense of humour into your closet. The most likely hit of the season is the clog. Chanel's milkmaids made them chic, and Louis Vuitton's multi-coloured versions with kitten heels and tufts of fur are just plain fun.
The open-toed boot continues as a major trend, popping up in a PlayDoh-inspired cheap cheap cheap key rings cufflinks at earrings sale and masquerading as hiking boots at Dsquared2 (by hiking, I'm assuming they mean up Rodeo Drive, as well as at Anna Sui and Matthew Williamson. But are you ready to pair them with socks? That's right, socks and sandals - once the sartorial property of clueless dads on summer vacation - are now smartly stepping down runways from Burberry to Hermès. If you have legs for days, go for it, but they're going to look like support hose on others.
But the item that earned a chorus of, "Oh, no they didn't!" from front rows everywhere is the fanny pack. The onetime sign of a person who has given up on fashion (if not life, entirely) is now the Mcky new bag of the season. Marc Jacobs and D&G both have versions that will be smartly clipped around the waists of cheap cheap necklaces girls everywhere.At the end of the day, of course, the goal of all this frivolity is to stir up a little lust in fashion lovers. It's been a while since we were willing to be wait-listed for an "it" bag. These trends aren't about need or function, but rather about desire in its purest, illogical form. Let's be honest, that's a much more powerful emotion.

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