Anyone try the new COD yet?

So has anyone seen the COD5 game play trailer? I'm not sure what to think to be honest. I mean of course I'm looking forward to seeing and playing the new Call Of Duty, but because COD4 was such a massive success I feel like it's going to be hard for them to 1up it. Not only that, but a different developer is going to be developing COD5, or has developed I guess would be the correct term since it's coming out in less than a month. I have a feeling that the gameplay everyone has gotten used to in COD4 is going to be a lot different in COD5, and not different in a better way either.
One thing that I am happy about is the fact they are doing away with the heli in COD5. Bad thing is that it's going to be replaced with "attack dogs". The idea of a pack of dogs attacking me in sorta cool until you read the fine print which says even if you kill the dogs, they will just respawn and come for you again which is total BS IMO. Here's the details:
Unleash the Dogs (7 Kills):
Kill seven enemies without dying and you enable the ability to call in attack dogs, which will sniff out any enemies on the map. Unlike COD4, attack dogs will find you regardless of where you hide, making it exceedingly difficult to avoid them. Furthermore, killing the attack dogs will only save you temporarily as the hounds will respawn if killed until their time/kill limit has expired.
If that's not a horrifically noob feature, then I don't know what is. They managed to take one of the biggest crap features of COD4(the heli) and make it even worse with re-spawning attack dogs. I guess I'll save judgment until I see it but I have a feeling it's going to be pretty lame.
They also changed the air strike around a bit, doesn't sound too bad:
Artillery Strike (5 Kills):

Kill five enemies without dying and you are given the ability to call in an artillery strike. This is very similar to the Airstrike command in COD4, however, instead of a line of bombs going off, the area in which you select for the drop is completely obliterated in a long series of cannon fire.
It would have been kind of cool if they let you fly the plane. Sort of how you can fly the plane in COD4 single player. But we will see, the new air strikes don't sound like they will be too bad. The 3kill perk will remain the same. A reconnaissance plane will fly over and light up all the enemies on the map except the ones using an anti-recon perk.
Here is a list of new features that I've found so far with COD5:
1. 65 levels instead of 55, still 10 prestiges
2. "Second Chance Perk" basically you're on last stand, and if someone else is using the Second Chance perk, they can come revive you (by giving morphine)
3. Get extra assist points if someone steals a last stand from you.
4. One of the special grenades is a "gas" grenade that releases poisonous gas that REALLY messes you up. You can't see/move and it has a lot of coughing sound effects.
5. Frags lowered from x3 to x2 (thank god)
6. AutoAim? Wow, why would they add such a thing?

CTF - CTF is back. A big hit in the original CoD and in CoD2, it was absent in CoD4 and was highly missed by gamers. Treyarch must have noticed that CTF was one of the first gametypes modded into CoD4 by the community. While CTF never did catch on, even on proven CTF maps, hopefully it will fare better in CoD:WW.

War - A new gametype that will allow you to drive vehicles in Multiplayer. (I pressume this means its the only game mode with vehicles woop!)

Recon Plane - three of the enemy without dying and you get to deploy the recon plane. It temporarily shows you the location of your foe on a RADAR box in the top left of your screen. This of course matches the UAV in CoD4.

Artillery Strike - Frag five enemy combatants and you get to select a strike zone on the map. A few seconds later...whammo! The artillery shells hit the target. This of course replaces CoD4's airstrike.

Dogs of War - In a bizarre twist, if you frag seven enemy soldiers, you get to release Attack Dogs onto your foe. The dogs chase down and kill the enemy. They will also see out any camped units hiding in the weeds. DoW replaces the CoD4 Helicopter.

Scopes - Rifles and SMG's will get aperture sights, telescopic sights and sniper scopes
Bipod - A constant in just about any CoD mod ever developed, a Bipod will be available for snipers and MG'ers. You will be able to use it in the prone position to reduce recoil. This attachment makes us us ask the obvious question: is everything bi- these days?

Enlarging your Magazine - You can add a dual magazine or drum magazine onto your weapon for even more praying and spraying ability.

Suppressors - Suppressors hide muzzle flash and somewhat quiet your weapon - but this will undoubtedly come at a cost as the hit power will be marginally less.

Double-barreled Shotty - A double-barreled shotgun will be available. You can "saw-off" the barrel on these to make the gun an overpowered short distance killing machine. Enormous spread for a short distance. Let the "super-noober-toober" chants begin.

Bayonets - The bayonet allows you to extend the reach of the combat knife. This could be quite interesting as knife vs. bayonet only fights would be quite the spectacle.

Flak-Jacket - The new Juggernaut. A grenade-resistant flak jacket will allow you to survive more punishment - undoubtedly at a cost to movement.

In CoD4, the more you played, the more stuff you unlocked in the game. These were called perks: better gun, attachment and ability unlocks. As you can imagine, "Perks" became an instant fave online in CoD4. There are fifteen new perks in CoD: WW...many are simply renamed CoD4 perks, but some are brand new and specific to WW.

M2 Flamethrower - High level unlock, the flamethrower has been featured as one of the must-see weapons in CoD: WW.

Pyromaniac - Extends the damage range of your grenades - the WWII version of Sonic Boom

Satchel Charge - WWII's C4. You can damage infantry and of course tanks if you place them on the treads.

Bouncing Betty - CoD4's Back-to-the-Future Claymore. These seriously dangerous devices were mines that would spring upward if triggered, spraying fragments at a height that would not just mame ...but kill.

Bazooka - Unhappy with your tiny weapon are you? Grab the bazooka. Size does matter and you can destroy tanks with it! Much more destructive than those silly CoD4 RPG's.

Flak Jacket - The new Juggernaut. Get added health benefits.

Shades - To counter the flare (the CoD: WW flash-bang, which lasts quite a lot longer), you can use "shades" which reduce the blinding effect.

Gas Mask - Reduces the effects of the Tabun nerve gas weapon.

Second Chance - Last-Stand with a twist. As in CoD4's Perk, when you get fragged, you drop to the ground for a few more seconds with only a pistol as a weapon. You lie there waiting for death...however, in CoD: WW, as reported here a few days ago, the new "Second Chance" perk lets you get resuscitated by a teammate who also has Second Chance. This is a nice idea, but I suspect that it will get both you and your teammate killed more frequently.

Fire Proof - A counter to the Molotov cocktail and the Flamethrower.

Dexterity - The new Sleight-of-Hand. This will allow faster reloads and allows you to throw Molotov's and set Bouncing Betty's faster.

Greased Bearings - Allows you to traverse faster with the main gun, and thus get to targets quicker, when you are fighting in a tank.

Ordinance Training - Boost the firing rate of the tank's main gun.

Water Cooler - The tank's machine gun can overheat unless you have this perk.

Lead Foot - Boost the speed of your tank.

Of course you have hack sites already preparing to get different hacks released which will add a dark side to COD5. I think PunkBuster is dealing with the Call of Duty 4 hacks pretty well. Course you have the people with private hacks that are undetectable by PunkBuster, I doubt they will ever be caught. I don't really understand what's the point in playing with hacks? I mean, anything you do in game, any kills you get are void because you had to cheat to do it, you weren't good enough to do it like the rest of us. But meh, whatever I guess. I hear there is a new anti-cheating program coming soon that all COD4 players playing in tourneys will have to run alongside PunkBuster. I forgot what the name of it is, anyone know what I'm talking about?
Well I guess that's about all. I pre-ordered my COD5 game a couple hours ago and now I'm just patiently waiting on the beta key to arrive in my email so I can take a shot at this thing for myself and see what it's like. :)

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