In the church of engineering we trust

The way into Hollywood's self fulfilling prophecy. "Hollywood" screens earthquakes, flooding, climate change, and so according there recipes the engineers driving our world in these predicted screening events. Why? Because they do not know what to do else, then search and destroy. There is no ideology or necessary demand behind the engineering madness, this is sheer profiting. This is why academic education fails, its not about the human needs its about the artificially created market needs, the market itself is a market and markets only that what sustains the market and the market destroys everything which does not fit in markets matrix. I am touring since 3 months now south east Asia, I have not seen so much business, administrative education courses on offer in my whole life. It seams that only these subjects attracting students, studying economics and on second place engineering. So in the church of engineering everyone beliefs, all and everything can be engineered and managed, this mindset creates and dictates our world. As this belief has nothing to do with the traditional function of belief, so automatically god is replaced by money and money is the only reason to act. This is the open markets ideology at its best and Hollywood we need, for the picturesque justification rendering the new in 3D.

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