Is Fox_i_lady, Sarah Palin, actually Karl Rove who undergo gender change and beauty surgery?

Sarah Palin: "America's Enduring Strength" from Sarah Palin on Vimeo.

Did Karl Rove undergo a gender swap operation, with massive aesthetic surgery and hair implants? I am normally not featuring criminals* but this tops the level so far in spilling poison, lies and deception. I am observing Miss Fox_i_lady since she appeared on the main stage, involved in the sinking of McCain, it is getting increasingly disturbing.

Because Fox_i_lady has gotten supper funds behind here which pay for the dissemination of such a trash and here wardrobe. Here left garbage appears more often in my eye and ear side. I just want believe that parts of the world are so evil, but obviously they are. It is funny to see no female, grrl of my Facebook friends to speak out about this Fox_i_lady supper puppet. It is clear that this search and destroy machine, has a whole team of ghostwriters who write what she has to say, and boy I bet, they are all male, paid by Murdoch and good old Karl Rove is for sure not so far away to make his living. She gambles the female side almost perfectly as prostitutes do before and after pay, or did I mean play.
* criminal, crime against humanity, Den Hague should impeach here before it is to late.

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