Funky little Curves

I find this Advertisement of Microsoft as state of the Art , since it reveals exactly at what point the consumer model is. What are its needs, neurosis, misunderstandings and what products is ready to consume, for which Microsoft is working on. We could support that the same goes for Apple, the difference is that Apple's adverts are more specific and not so hilarious as this one. I find this advert that can be turned as a boomerang, but mostly as an excellent resource for social analysis.

always available, always connected, this reveals the state of neurosis that we are under. Unfortunately to be alive, is to be connected, is to be a live node in a network , to justify your existence and your personal successes (no matter what successes means) you have to post and get informations, this state has passed the phase of a trend or reasoning, it is in the phase of pleasure. I find no difference between the US super-sized man who takes a kind of pleasure from his super-sized cheeps , and the man who is with a PDA , Black-Berry and laptop sending e-mails and posting on blogs while he makes his work.

extension of our personality and ourselves, although the distinction between me and my personality is very interesting to analyse, i'll point out that is not common in an advert to imply and state that the media provided by a company , are extending yourself. If we think back at the McLuhans times companies were asking for his research to transform it in a marketing strategy, since then is not news that advertisement agencies are based on media theory and communication studies, but the issue is that i've never before heard such a heavy statement, even more from a company as Microsoft. Parallel to this you have a child moving free and making extensive use of its body acting according to the content either as a child or an adult, the issue is that the target is you, and you relate yourself with this kid in a way. Further the voices are tow, a man and a woman with natural voices make a triangulation with the kid, and it gives you the idea of family, were family is security, and you are the kid. Welcome to the house of Microsoft. Finally a key relationship is the one that you make between the kids body movements and the statement that technology is your extension. This trap leads you to the always digitally connected , and physically unconnected. Interactive media developments which try to increase the stimuli of our physical participation in our interactive relationship with the digital medium are disconnecting us all the time more from our body and create addictive behaviours.

simplicity in form, we are bombed with tow kind of designs , curves and rectangulars, the first has the sense of life in manners of continuousness and sexual reference and is warm, the later is the one that stands for our belief system and its supernatural extensions under this prespective we see logic and cognition and its cold. Though, such designs are so simple that have started to be untasteful but mostly they are so simple that you don't need to think. The impact of consumers that don't need to think for every consuming act that they do , is that they don't need to think in general. The concept of keeping the masses quite has not only one practice but is a combination of different practices in our everyday life, targeting in short term or long term impacts. Their power is on the circulation when we repeatedly act the same way, as long as this is happening all the systems in our society will act as a clock. But extending further the reasons of our physically unconnected body, has not only to do with the digital medium, mostly has to do in our way of thinking. Either we want it or not we always have physical references in all the aspects as beauty and function, when our aesthetics turn to be over simplified and we not only produce them but consume them then we are conceptually disconnecting from our nature, and that's just one aspect.

In this advert you have a super cold environment, and a kid when interacting with it produces warm graphics. In a such cold environment the first impression is that this is out of you, you can't control it, you can joy magic but not control it. Tow issues arose here identity and control. We have identity crisis since we open the lamp the deference though between a lamp and a Microsoft system is the control, we can control a lamp but we are educated not to control a Microsoft system, so we are consuming magic and not the underneath technology. This is rather oximorous in a Web 2.0 world , DIY manifested. Education had always been the answer and the problem.

There is a widget out there which informs you about the alert status of US , well i don't know if its for a joke or not , it is a fact. We are terrified , and we have to be like that , so to feel unable , because someone will give us protection and we will be happy for our choices. So we always want Apple and Tivo. Its a pimp story under the Funky little Curves.

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