The GRASP Lab quadrocopters rapid urban development of living spaces.

Here some clippings from online comments:
Well im more then a little scared now. The irony in the article lessens as fear becomes real! We thought that it was innocuous enough... until they started building themselves. If they could build themselves more batteries or go and charge themselves then there would be an issue. But look behind them, there is a flimsy netting that will keep them all at bay. Half-Life 2 anyone? I still have nightmares about manhacks. Oh god don't its horrifying. im not going to sleep tonight. Here come the hacks! Sounds like a swarm of bees! GET TO DA CHOPPER!! ... no way man, those mini-quad-chopper things will team up and destroy me in an instant! That makes them even "more scarier"... All that's left is for someone to teach them how to zap people or attack in some way. Reminds me of the robot spiders from Minority Report. bees building their hive. You're scared now? Wait until they use the metal bars to smash people's heads open. No need to... as long as they can't change their batteries... It doesn't take a rocket scientist o make them solar powerd or create charging stations... If you double the amount of quadrotors, 3 of em can charge, while the others work... giving you a 24/7 building process... Or what about the future wireless energy transfer/induction? .. and, of course, they will all be able to construct copies of themselves. Most people think that Terminator is fiction. Poor fools. Yeah. The Quadrocopters terminated the construction workers and now they have to construct. Poor guys! Today's fiction is tomorrow's documentary... What, no robot apocalypse tag?
I was wondering why it was missing as well. It seems the takeover's already begun. I hear this buzz in my sleep for a week after watching these videos. Needless to say, I never get to truly fall asleep. Maybe that's why they don't work with Android. Google may go self-aware before skynet. So, there could be a Skynet (quadrocopters/flying robots) VS a Landnet (chromed androids)? We're definetly doomed... Edit: Also, I'll bet on skynet. (quadrocopter + magnet + hill) / metallic chromed androids = brief victory. So the old governor of california was a terminator, that explains all of the new factories there. We're screwed in about 2 years. i say more or less 20 - 30 years. 2012, not 2031. Good thing I have a gatling gun on my roof ;). Nothing a Remington 12 gauge couldn't take care of. The road to Skynet: 1 small step at a time (to keep things very low profile, until it's too late). world domination....of course. The point is to develop the brains of a such a machine/network - the algorithm. Using models. Once you have that, making scaling the quadrocopters to build useful things is relatively easy. This is clearly a narrow AI application, and will not scale up to anything except more elaborate variations of what you see in the video. More elaborate versions being... buildings or other structures in which beams are connected together at angles to enclose spaces for habitation or traverse impassable features of the landscape? Just wait until they can build at 10x speed in real life.

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