Japan: We are for profit Fukushima 1-2-3 GO for misery.

We are talking here from an nation which was just last year on the second place in economical growth, we are not talking from an underdeveloped country. Also it is not a hungry Tiger state like emerging China. So this huge civilized nation with, all the high tech culture, builds nuclear power plants on an ocean coast and on in an earthquake zone. Not only they have build it, but also knowing the dangers, remained in the let it be mode, or we give a shit for profit. How stupid someone must be to stay just calm and without emotions, Japanese your government failed you.

If you have been in Japan you know what I am writing about, the society is highly obedient, to there bosses and governments, never less how corrupt they are, sometimes the bosses step down unwillingly with an apology. The young generation is speechless and in coma, shopping without care how much they pay for. The intellectuals and artist kept under fear to loose there little income they gain, if they speak out by being send to exile from the main stream establishment. You never say anything about your own nest, however dirty it may be. And yes that includes the killing of whales for scientific purposes, nature claims here territory back and believe me nature has no mercy, it kills on a far higher scale than 7 and your bloody whaling fleet.

Why have the towns been swept away? Because most houses outside of the metropolis are made out of paper and bamboo, maybe wood. Concrete, brick building are not on the politicians radar that would brake the tradition. Not that danger is than stopped, during an earthquake or tsunami, but at least the 3 floor is safe if you don't build it directly on the beach.

Tchernobyl reached level 7 on the, INES-scale today Fukushima is on level 6, one to go to the supper disaster, the Japaneae can shake hands with the Russians the Tchernobyl way. The International Atomic organization IAEA based in Vienna, is positive about that the level will decrease. Why they haven an Japanese as director.

20:00 CET on 12 March 2011: IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano provided a video statement on the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan. Director General Amano expressed his sincerest condolences for the lives and homes lost, and said: "My heart goes out to the people of my home country as they rise to the challenge of this immense tragedy."

NRC American nuclear control.

TEPCO, they have lied before, they have lied after and they will not tell the truth about the intensity of the nuclear pollution. Why should they, maybe that they even do not know, I am sure that there are no instruments in the high-tech country Japan which can measure this. And actually no one, wants to know as it was the fall out of Tchernobyl, it was kept secret and Russia one of the richest countries on earth did not pay a single penny for compensation. The concrete sarcofarg over the Tchernobyl reactor was paid by the USA.

Today we threat scientist, researchers, engineers, doctors like if they would belong to an ethical church. No they are just egoistic brutal business opportunist. What they do has no safety backdoor and they simply do not know, if when it happens what to do and no one prepared for, why, because it's too expensive.

The Japanese in general they are masters in playing innocent, the biggest cruelties they spread around them, they never even apologized. To Korea and to China and to rest of South east Asia, the artist and intellectuals are so speechless and corrupt when it comes to there own history and country. 

Japan as a whole is to blame they brought the world into this disaster, and if they are not part of the government or TEPCO, I have never heard of demonstrations like they happen in Germany against the nuclear business. Japan is building cars and electronics so why they should be against the fuel on which the digital electronic is running on. 

I am sure that now it will be all kind of excuse and off telling in the Japanical style, not naming the source of the trouble. The source is the Japanese society as a whole they are to blame collectively as the Germans have been blamed for there inability to stop Hitlers regime. 

The Japanese are worser because they bow down in front of you and think by telling sorry all is forgotten, no it is not! At least I will not forget, the years of engineering stupidity on each SIGGRAPH, each year the Japanese payd there way in to fill the emerging technologies, with increasing inhumanity and engineering dullness, with the blessing of there academic institutions and filling up the visitors with sake. And to speak of SIGGRAPH this is the reason I stopped to go there, besides the engineering, robo effects, they brought in the ugly computer special effects esthetics with all kind of mutating blood thursty species, that is how there humanoid - animal kingdom will look after this nuclear impact.

Speechless, meaningless, human robots which do things just for the sake of it, without intellectual reflection and analysis. And if they reflect, they wash there hands in innocence, Japan you are guilty as long you keep your young generation in this coma state, as long there is not overthrowing of your old empire you will be blamed. Tenno banzai.

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