Moving Forest 500 Slogans workshop at Victoria & Albert Museum

Furtherfield presents Moving Forest 500 Slogans workshop at Victoria & Albert Museum.

Join AKA the Castle for up to 5 slogan workshop sessions, December 2nd-4th at the V&A, as part of Moving Forest London 2012 initiative.

The Moving Forest 500 slogans workshop brings together writers, artists, performers, theatre practitioners, soundists, noisers, singers (of all genres), scholars and folks to decipher the 500 slogans written by Dr Matthew Fuller alongside Graham Harwood's 12 hour rendering of the final 12 minutes of Kurosawa's film version of Macbeth, Spider Web Castle.

Read, recite, sing, shout, scream, murmur, memorize and burn the slogans and plot the 500 slogans as the main thread through the 5 acts of MOVING FOREST.

Moving Forest is a 12 hour, five act, visual, sonic, digital, electronic and urban performance collectively realized by AKA the Castle, a temporal performance troupe bringing together visual artists, writers, soundists, silk threaders, codedecoders, macromikro, boombox mass, mobile agents, wifi fielders and urbanites. 12 hours of sonic, coded action map an imaginary Castle and camouflage forest revolt onto a given modern day metropolis.

We welcome public participation in Moving Forest 500 slogans workshops.
By participating, you join AKA the Castle's collective reading and planning towards staging Moving Forest 12 hour performance in London summer 2012.

Please sign up below to take part in one or more workshop sessions.
Friday 02 December, 6-9pm
Saturday 03 December, 11-1pm
Saturday 03 December, 2-4:30pm
Sunday 04 December, 11-1pm
Sunday 04 December, 2-4:30pm
All workshops will take place in Seminar Room 1, Sackler Centre, V&A.

To sign up to one or more sessions please write to now@movingforest.net
or select your session on the 500 slogans wiki

Free workshop admission.

Victoria and Albert Museum
Seminar Room 1, Sackler Centre
Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL

Additional workshop activity at SPACE as part of Moving Forest London 2012 initiative
More info: http://spacestudios.org.uk/whats-on/events-projects/moving-forest-pd-pure-data-workshop

More information about Moving Forest:

The partners for Moving Forest London workshop development are MA Interactive Media & Centre for Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths University of London, Furtherfield, SPACE, Digital Programmes,V&A.

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