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occupy london with cartoons

At the the Occupy LSX site at St Pauls there are many drawings and paintings sellotaped to the walls; the area has become a public Art gallery. Works full of slogans and messages, full of passion. It's obvious that people all over the UK want to make art work to share with the Occupy London movement, to expressing support and solidarity; but they can't physically be there.

To try to make this possible, and easy and fun, I've built this online cartoon tool. The aim is for everyone to be able to make great cartoons to show their support for Occupy London. Once a week I intend to print them, and then take down to St Pauls and stick on the wall, or hand in to the Art Tent. I live fairly local so I can do this. If anyone else wants to do the same, then feel free - just print from the Gallery.

The overall idea idea is - you pick from a selection of ready-made cartoons and re-mix them into your own creation. I'm inviting well-known cartoonists and artists to contribute work, so we can build up a big source of ready-made quality drawings and cartoons to pick from, to make it easier to re-mix them into your own great creations. The main goal is to make it possible for you to say what you think in a powerful way. So far Martin Rowson (of the Guardian newspaper - and Tribune magazine) has very kindly contributed lots of his work. As more cartoonists join in I'll add their names.

If you prefer to send me drawings, then that's great as well. Please stipulate whether or not you mind them being cut up and remixed into new cartoons, or if you prefer them to be shown in the Gallery in their original form only.

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