REFF - REMIX THE WORLD! REINVENT REALITY By Art is Open Source at Furtherfield Gallery

Come along and experience reality being remixed...

Private View: 25 February 6.30-9pm
Live performance by Garrett Lynch at 7.30pm
Open Thursday - Saturday, 12-5pm
Date: 25 February - 26 March 2011
Venue: Furtherfield (formerly HTTP)

Special guests on the night - Dr. Richard Barbrook, Andy Cameron, Garrett Lynch, Eleonora

Oreggia aka XNAME and Quayola.

In a world where individuals and communities are connected via real-time technologies in a state of

mutual hyper-presence, what does it mean that our interactions can be traced and viewed by people

unknown to us? Can we claim these effects to consciously produce new realities and create new

adventures beyond given structures and stories. Can we remix our realities?

REFF - REMIX THE WORLD! REINVENT REALITY at Furtherfield Gallery, offers tools and

strategies to explore different ways of 'being' with others physically and virtually to intervene in the

world. Lets see what we can do...

Italian artist duo Art is Open Source (AOS) will present an ongoing exhibition of their latest project,

REFF (RomaEuropaFakeFactory). REFF presents itself as a fake institution, designing crafted

applications and invasive practices; a book; an urban performance; and an augmented reality drug

that creates alternative, stratified, mashed-ups, remixed worlds. In the AOS scenario the drug

reinvents reality and the artists are "pushers", distributing an illegal substance around the world.

Alongside the augmented world of REFF, the exhibition will showcase works by Garrett Lynch,

Rebar Group and Eleonora Oreggia aka XNAME, included in the REFF publication. The exhibition

will be accompanied by a series of live performances, events and urban interventions across

London and around the world.

Trav-erse – Live performance by Garrett Lynch at 7.30pm
Exploring radio waves on a world band analogue radio, the performance should be perceived as

both a linear and non-linear journey progressively moving through the sonic space of broadcast

wireless networks and the physical geographies and cultural spaces they both represent and


Artists Featured in the Exhibition:
Garrett Lynch (IRL) is an artist, lecturer, curator and theorist. His work deals with networks (in their

most open sense) within an artistic context; the spaces between artist, artworks and audience as a

means, site and context for artistic initiation, creation and discourse. Recently most active in live

performance Garrett’s practice covers net.art, installation, performance and writing.

Virtual Entity by XNAME
Virtual Entity is a research project and a work of net-art trying to redefine the concepts of

authenticity, ownership, uniqueness and seriality within the digital domain. The practical aspect of

this speculation is a simple application developed to create (and edit) the soul of a file. This is a

metaphor: the soul, a text-based soul, is the place where it is written who or what a certain entity is; it

is a mark for the preservation of identity.

PARK(ing) by Rebar Group
Recontextualizing urban spaces. Methodologically confronting the problems and necessities of

citizens: urban hacking, architectural mash-up, creative law. Rebar group executes its "Parking"

performances as social events that are able to operate in the interstitial spaces that, in the city, are

found at the edges of laws, habits, customs, conventions and codes. The acts of our daily lives

become a linguistic magic used to appropriate places and possibilities.

More Info:

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