RFID Vehicle Access Control System with high identification rate

DAILY RFID releases RFID vehicle access control system with high identification accuracy, designed to track and manage vehicles in parking areas or gated communities to allow for accurate vehicle tracking as well as easy in-and-out access for drivers.

The new RFID vehicle access control system consists of passive UHF RFID windshield sticker tags attached to the windshields of vehicles, and readers DL910 installed on fixed overhead or roadside structures identifying cars in motion. With this RFID vehicle access control solution, car information can be automated gathered to enable efficient vehicle management, while maintaining high identification rate.

The vehicle access control solution is supported by long range RFID readers with long read range of up to 15 meters depending on the tags, as well as smart card type tags or RFID labels used for drivers' licenses and access control tickets. And a unique identification code is established for each car via a tamper-resistant windshield sticker tag for the secure operation of the RFID vehicle tracking system.

Hands-free, long-distance, reliable and highly secure, this RFID vehicle access control solution meets the requirement of parking lot and gated communities, with nearly no human intervention and low operation cost.

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