Thank you America - upgrade to Society 4.0

America voted and this will have especially serious consequences for the Asian and Arabic nomenclature, a bottom up, black, african-american, be- racial as commander in chief. Imagine just for a second, China, Iran, Irak, Syria, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan and finally Russia, they go the same way, get so called democratic, introduce a similar electoral system and the election season will go for 22 month's from one city to the next, from one district to the other and than fewer to the final.

In Vienna where I am now, the leftist starting already now to winch around about Obamas, preaching style and dragging him down the religious way. Jesse Jackson tears in the crowd showed, that cutting his balls was not a good idea, even if Obama was playing often a political correct, strategical "flat ball" related to afro - american history.

What else you can expect from the old continent. The so called democratic-all processes here in the Eurozone are so boring and basically non existing. Euro politicians with no message and no vision and no programmatic plan, just eager to get in power and basically do the same like the predecessor, keep the ruling establishment in power and get as much tax-money as possible. My deep respect for the american electoral system which at least mediates and gives the voter a feeling that he is take serious. Here in Europe it makes no difference and it is senseless to vote, because all parties want just the same: to come into power and that's it. Even our momentary EU Sarkozy is a political incarnation you have to be ashamed of, the Canadian prank call to Sarah Pallin as Sarkozy is the best as its gets. What a fun was to follow the US election throughout the season.

Even when Obama's rhetorical acrobatsy was talking blue sky, but all this is better than any election speech in Europe. Particular I am addressing the last election in Austria, what a speechless and faceless melange. In UK the last Blair election a mockery of a one party system, almost like in China. Mc Cain had two disadvantages, he has chosen the wrong vice president, just playing the Hillary female card was to cheap and being in the Bush shadow is a no chance game. Friendly spoke enough is enough 12 years of Dubya clan is funny but harmful, what ever you think about politicians, party-system and establishment, good by George fading away into anonymity. The President of Kenya, Mwai Kibaiki declared the 6. November as state holiday maybe other states man/woman will follow. Let see what Obama comes up with.

Here a link to Austro-German satire Der Spiegel. And here a link to US satire The onion.

From now on, the next generation rules. By letting pass Obama as democrat nominee the party made a smart move. Obama jumps two generation, even "running mate" Sarah Pallin looks like a grandma. It will be hard to present in the future an older version as candidate, that has set the bar. This also my coiffeur admitted, after refusing to enter a discussion with me. He said its time that the younger generation rules, these old guys should stay at home, he said.

Magic number 4. The 44th president, first war time transition in 40 years, he is 47 years old, its in total a family of 4, 64,1 % of Americans voted and Obama got 349 electoral votes on the 4. November 2008 and Obama was born 4. August 1961, Michelle Obama age 44 (born 17 January 1964). The democrats had 49 and will get at least 54 seats in congress and the reps have 40 seats in the senate, in total the are 435 seats. In Asia there is no 4th floor and 4 is a unlucky number, they believe, my lucky number is 4, all my flats have in there number a 4 and i am born 54.

Back to the old continent, I do not see a smile in the politicians faces, no one was celebrating there election, no one had tears in his/here eyes after the elect winner was announced. By no other elected head of state/politician, people identifying themselves with a new start, and dear reader there is no other dream than the american, i am so sorry to disappoint you. As a child of an emigrant, my father was dreaming of and so do I.

Well yes, there is all kind of media marketing dreaming, like the black Kennedy and so on, the only signal missing is to also introduce action and style against the vast majority of "petite Burgos", "Spieser" we call them in German zone. In my opinion Obama needs to upgrade the society OS and GUI and play the user out of the "only comfort zones". Shopping cant be the only solution to get people up and running. The society OS upgrade is long overdue, since generations all politicians have been afraid to touch this subject. Here is the potential chance where America can lead, know how and ideas are enough around related to social, political, monetary, fiscal and environmental reforms. From Society 1.0 to Society 4.0.

Obama (4. August 1961) the new cool version of man in black stepping out under solar panels from the SUV.gov, now you have to look really close, who is the agent. He represents the younger generation, more than Osama (10 March 1957), Obama started acting in Chicago, Osama acts in Tora Bora and not to forget the advantage to have Michelle (born 17. January 1964), a first lady every man would go for. Hollywood on the other hand prepared already the blockbuster crowd for an black president, where Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer a white CTU agent was defending in 24 a black president, David Palmer under the dangers of betrayal, finally David Palmer resigns. So stars, lucky numbers, Hollywood, married to a intelligent beauty-queen, kids in the right age triangulates all in the right direction with and this is new, a young puppy comes into the game.

Last what comes in my mind not to forget George Bush, Dubya himself, has dragged all possible downwards and into ugly and cynical context, he himself opened the door wide for an political exchange. Dear reader still 47 Million voted for McCain and 52 Million for Obama, so if and when means 47 Million and more need to be at least "neutralised". Let see how far the American President is not a puppet of the system. Rumours say that Mc Cain was selected by purpose so that he looses and the next president a democrat, cant fixe the mess and will get all the blame, so the republicans can come back from the ashes and continue to burn. I have to admit that this sounds a bit to super intelligent. Stay tuned for more.

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