Tibet, China and the United Kingdom - what I agree and disagree with

The exiles’ decision followed an announcement on Oct. 29 by David Miliband, the British foreign secretary, that after almost a century of recognizing Tibet as an autonomous entity, Britain had changed its mind. Mr. Miliband said that Britain had decided to recognize Tibet as part of the People’s Republic of China. He even apologized that Britain had not done so earlier.

This is a typical hypocrite strategy of the British politicians which they do all the times. In the WW II they let down, Poland and the Czech Republic, striking a deal with Hitler, the British are just dealing for they own profit, Blair was the super hypocrite, Brown and Miliband are just the continuum of british "turncoats". They embody the tragic in which condition the European society and ruling politicians are, they clinch to power at any costs.

Here in this chapter of history, the case is very complicated. Tibet was on and off, part and not part of China and the Mongol empire throughout the history. Tibet is almost 1/5 of today's China territory and by this, you can understand why Chinese governement will never agree to let Tibet go. In the year of capture 1951 by Mao troops the Tibetans have been just unlucky and there Tibetan military non existent, to defend the incoming red army.

They have been for sure some different perception about how to model a society, between Mao's ideology and the Tibetan aristocracy. Mao was ringing the bell of the next century while the Tibetans remained behind the praying wheels. This is the sad downside of an evolving civilisation, similar as the immigrants to America brought the Indians to extinction, they did not fitted to the acceleration of time and space. The question remains and everyone has to answer this for him/here self, is the so called civilisation the blessing for us or a curse.

Mr. Dalai Lama on other hand, I am also suspicious about the rich wealth of the tibetan history, the monasteries, the gold and silver, the stones in contrast to the poor, the harsh environment. I did not hear you talking about the extinction of the local Bon / Bonpo shamans by tibetan clerical apparatus or the milking of the poor with taxes from the tibetan aristocracy. If I am right, Buddha said, do not build any temples my temple is the tree (Ficus religiosa), I understand out in the cold building a monastery for the monks makes sense, yes dear reader they do not have central heating or air conditioned spaces.

What so ever, in context of this discussion Britons politician's are the worst. It shows how corrupt they are and China can play ball with them. The special character of Britons is, (and they are proud of it), on the end when they kill you, they say while killing you, sorry and apologise. I am now 4 month in China and I never heard in all these months even one time "shit", living in London for 8 years the word passed by constantly, where ever I have been in conversations and discourses, "shit" came up. I am not missing that faecal speech at all.

Weeks ago I was meeting some Tibetan artist in Beijing. In my view they are really coming from a different planet and have no interest to be compatible to this world, they speak also a language rarely spoken. I am not blaming them, they have my sympathy and support.

I think that any civilised government must respect minorities which are similarly configured as the Tibetans are, there configuration is mainly influenced by the extreme environment they are living in. By now we know, what change came to the Eskimos when they have been forced to buy fridges and become couch potatoes. What I want to say is that civilisation should accept that it is not everyone's (cup of tea) visions of paradise, to live cramped in big cities, in need to enjoy shock frozen fast food, forced labour, air conditioned shopping malls, speeded and accelerated live style and filed up with drugs to enjoy artificial entertainment powered by nuclear or fossil energy.

There is no chance for "independence" of Tibet, every moment I look to my big map of China hanging in my living room, geo politically and geo strategically this was for the Tibetans a disadvantaged position. Tibet provides the safety belt around the original Chinese "mini" provinces, sharing the same fait as southern part of Mongolia and East Turkmenistan do. Here time, space and status was in wrong sync.

I do see a realistic chance for autonomy, autonomy means that territorial power is take care by Chinas military and political, legal and administrative power by the Tibetans. For sure the old clans of Tibetan aristocrats have to back off from the independence dreams, no one will provide the necessary military machinery to defend them. The other solution is that the Tibetans will live similar in reservation, means territories where they safeguard there culture like now in Dharamsala- India and spread in Nepal, or like in the USA the Indians, refugees in your own homeland. The second is unlikely, the best and a continuous solution and for sure it is very hard to redo historical power games.

For both sites it is time to move on and overcome there sins and errors of the past. Tibetans are now living in the Diaspora, they need to be taken seriously and should have the right to return to there homeland without conditions. This is for sure also an economic issue and needs to find attention by the international community.

A rotting western financial system is generating rotting political decision and adding just to the rotting public moral. Saying sorry for the colonial devastation's done, is a step in the right directions, but payments have to follow.

In almost all troubled regions in the world Britons had there fingers in and are part of the mess they left over (Burma, Israel, Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and so on).

Chinese government, keeps for strategical reasons tight relations, to the last dictatorial states in Asia, where people are suppressed, jailed and tortured by a local gang of military personnel. Burma / Myanmar and North Korea. This is no good image for an upcoming superpower in 2009, who is trying to change his image in the world.

Chinese people are by far the most friendly inhabitant of our planet and I do understand the interrelation of size, eco issues and food supply. My hope is that the so called financial crisis, has also a good site and the Chinese money sources which keep this military gangs a live will dry out, because first the mainland has to be secured. Lets wait and see.

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