Touching the Smart Studio at ICA

To late afternoon today 23.May. 2005 7.45pm, something forces me to drive to the ICA, that what I know definitely is "I am to late". Parked my car, already very lucky, if you know what I mean, parking your car in Westminster around the ICA. Rush into the building, pay my annual membership fee, as well to late. Walking further to the theater. Yes now I got the official confirmation, "I am to late", entered a typical interaction design atmosphere. Smart Studio from Sweden displays their works. I look desperado around see that almost everyone already went, but luckily I got recognized and rushed in to a group of Austronesian, Japaneses, American interaction pro team in the mode already finishing there examinations. We exchanged politely this and that and by being magically driven by a neon light we discover the Brain Bar. A tangible hybridized physical interactive robot in context to your brain waves serving free of charge alcoholic beverages you deserve, as you can see on the picture Mr. Tremelin (who introduced me to Netscape V.5?) from Austronesia, was very convinced by the precision of that robot. Later the amused multi media group started to check out the different tastes of the mixed beverages they got de-served. Oh after the drink the text based information boards as you can see duplicated. I tried hard to see the rest but a female voice said: its late we have to close. Please visit Smart Studio, thank you, good night.

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