Try Arm, Thailand, Triumph for a Fair Work outlet in Bangkok at Sukhumwit 115

After long years working for Body Fashion (Thailand), a subsidiary of Triumph International, a Swiss company also based in Bangkok. The company was closed down, in 2009 and all workers lost there jobs. Then workers organized themselves under the new label TRY ARM, till today and set up a small production facility in Bangkok, Sukhumwit 115. The payout included several suing machines which they are now using to make there living. Full story later.

The Nation on Try Arm and The IWW on Try Arm.

Example of how Apple is conducting worker relations:
Apple on social responsibility.
Supplier Responsibility at Apple
Apple’s biggest impact comes when we empower workers and proactively address challenges. We provide train-the-trainer workshops to enable our suppliers to educate workers on their rights. At the same time, we are addressing industrywide issues through collaboration with suppliers, government agencies, NGOs, and other companies

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