The two sides, Osama and Obama, a rant and a rave, USA and China and why Geronimo is back?

The dollar has risen and commodity prices dropped. On mayday Obama announced that kill Binn, mastermind of 9/11, was as done deal, he was send by fast track to paradise. Getty images and Hollywood are on standby. The next generation of John Wayne's and Arnold's, looking for an upgraded remake, merging the scrips of black hawk down, die hard, the hurt locker into a new block buster.

The Navy SEALS, as in reenactment from 1980 by Charlie Sheen, are based in San Diego 2 h drive from Hollywood, they videotaped all the operation, it needs just some music, add density and all the shmaltz is ready for the theaters.

Historically "Geronimo" aka Osama Bin Laden had to contribute to the potential reelection of POTUS aka Barack Hussein Obama, this was his destiny, as he did for Bush.

"Geronimo EKIA" aka Bin Laden was the son of a prominent Saudi construction magnate, Saudi Binladin Group living in an mansion in Pakistan and not hiding in caves of Tora Bora. “Geronimo” had been killed in action, and slipped from USS Carl Vinson into the sea about 2 a.m. EDT Monday, to be eaten by fishes. That's why Tibetans do not eat fish.

By choosing Geronimo as name, the US administration insults the native Americans. Geronimo was a prominent Native American leader of the Chiricahua Apache who fought against Mexico and the United States for their expansion into Apache tribal lands for several decades during the Apache Wars.

The US in times of the Bushes and pre Bushes, was not a darling of many, pre-potent, arrogant, ignorant and a hungry capitalistic beast, eating up all and everything. But on the other hand also, liberating people out of misery, giving hope, Coca Cola, Marlborough and big macs. People started to hate the US around the world, because the US dominant economic power, was followed by an military excursions. Maybe the reason of the military excursions was, just to get rid of the old military equipment in action, no doubts war is an economic driving force. Maybe you recall, in the Vietnam war, when the enemy came closer, first they pushed back all Coke machines.

Some artist, as example Stockhausen and intellectuals even took side of Osama, when 9/11 "World Trade Center" became "Ground 0". 9/11 shacked down the US and brought conservatism into power and the church of fear celebrated here biggest victory. Osama, job well done.

The common redneck was in fear that some Muslims will storm his farm and kill all livestock. Osama wanted to punish the US, for there pre-potence and stroke the most iconic building in the center of the enemy. What followed was, we all are till today punished with, the air traveling became unpleasant and a pain, but most of all the freedom of the individual was reduced and limited in all possible means. I do not say there is no freedom of speech in the west, but self censorship in all levels of society followed by the social fear of loosing my job.

You can discuss if this have been the right targets and that the killing of so many innocent is justified, the other side holds against that the US is killing daily moslems and no one takes notice. I am sorry I have not heard, a single sentence from Osama that I would categories as justified or intelligent.

The suicide commandos have been a paid job by Al Qaida, the families got houses and live long payments. The poor, jobless youngsters unemployed and without orientation have fallen victim, to an non existing ideology, have been misused by Osama and Al Qaida. Al Qaida gave them work and a salary, income payment for an adventures job. The jobless youngster not only have been without work, but basically they have been bored. The western entertainment propaganda on other hand, gave birth to an wild uncontrollable terrorist, so that live and live replicas like computer games got real, in streets around in the west. Bush did not wanted to kill Osama, he needed him for the distraction from domestic disasters, which stroke later in full scale, industries, banks, had to declare bankruptcy. Obama inherited that from decades of bad governance, by Bush and Clinton.

The death of Osama will change nothing, one upper class Saudi kid got killed, and Obama looks more and more like his former president, the pharma and finance industry and big companies have there say and the jobless mass has an impact on down and ups on the stock market. From the point of an marketing agency the US could not do anything better then to have an smart looking, young, family friendly, not white looking Obama, it seamed in the beginning that change will come. Soon we discovered that this was an clever heavy paid pr slogan. Soon everyone wanted change, even the desert Bedouins in Egypt unto youngsters in Morocco. No one said what should change and how, many wished for change, graved for change, because live was so hopeless and a traditional dominated outdated mess, controlled by dictators and despots.

To kill someone is always a sad story and that youngsters in Washington celebrate the extrajudicial killing like the winning of an football world cup, friendly spoken, it is disgusting and brings bag the ugly side of the US. Killing Osama is not a victory, it may be justified by a legal decision, that he was guilty and that's why sentenced to EKIA. But still it remains a destructive option. I have to admit, that I was not part of the operation and so, maybe killing him, was the only option. But smart would be, to capture him alive and face him with all the misery he brought upon us. Live talk show with Sarah Palin on fox news. Sarah Palin later on twitter lamenting about here unsatisfied pornographic desire, on Twitter: @SarahPalinUSA Show photo as warning to others seeking America's destruction. No pussy-footing around, no politicking, no drama;it's part of the mission.

Al Qaida will get an new leader, maybe not so sexy and charismatic and the fight for the sake for it will continue, in the same way, as long young male unemployed room around and looking for change. Mohammed was by no means a social democrat, like Jesus and the Roman empire collapse. The Vatican claimed his part of Rome till today, Vatican is not part of the European community, the Vatican is laundering his money individually and independent from the EU. The bible belt of the US is still dominant and substantial part of day to day politics and businesses in Washington. For sure Obama, after receiving the Nobel piece prize, will not be declared holy by Pope Benedict in bringing Osama down, let's see what "May god bless America" will do.

Today's societies can only be administrated by law and order, because otherwise the underlying greed for commodities will lead necessary to an civil war, if unregulated. Today's question is how to balance the demand for commodities and the privates capital's sheer reckless hunger for public tax money. To say it clear, government is here to administer taxpayers money properly, in benefit for the taxpayer. Means, improve healthcare, transport, workplace, education, food supply and public security, as you can observe more and more of these areas are set under the umbrella of becoming profit-oriented and there existence is a question of revenue. This is the reason why the academic world is so corrupted and without any ethos of honest research. Education became business, because the private sector was complaining that this was state controlled and brought no margin for the industry. Corrupt politicians paid in there private pockets, so there is les and les argument left, for political admin of tax money.

The free market wants all and everything and all and everything on demand should be provided by private unregulated and uncontrolled companies, the free market means total privatization under the only parameter of profit and profit maximization. This what the US (and today China)  stands for, it is called the survival of the fittest, what drives the market. Interestingly the industry which went bankrupt, did not work under such law, they produced outdated cars and flooded the world with garbage and crap. The big industry itself is an conservative Moloch unwilling to change, to adopt new methods, rather interested to run down the society by going bankrupt, because the tax money will bale them out. The industry is not interested to improve the live of the individual taxpayer. Obama sits here in the same trap, like other commanders in chief before him, the industry just continues to do what they can do best, destroying our planet by outdated methods.

The middle class redneck, dos not care when he sits in his on loan granted, open sports car swinging the US flag and celebrating the death of an virtual enemy, he never met alive. Yesterday an old pop song by Midnight Oil played, "How can we dance when our earth is turning, How do we sleep while our beds are burning". There is nothing to celebrate and it is very much upon Obama, to make more out of the situation than just saying " we do not fight against the Islam". His statement some months ago, " we have to out innovate, out educate the world" says basically that he follows the steps of an arrogant superpower, everyone fears.

It is time to introduce the concept of sharing and participation and especially to let the US people know, that there success is based on the misery of others and takes a big toll, on nature and environment. In this chapter of blame and fame, Europe has to be mentioned, as Europe was the biggest contributor to the misery around the world with colonial methods and Europe is not speared from the responsibility. By remaining the old continent, does not mean all is forgotten and gone, the US as in many cases, is playing just the substitute and is often the victim of European historical crimes and pirating. The Victorian palaces and castles are build on blood and human sacrifices, Europe is just hiding behind the US and the US gets always hit first, later Europe plays the innocent and political more mature. Europe is just full of fear and anxiety, as shown in the Libyan conflict.

What ever you think about the US, without there intervention in the Serbian and Libya crisis, would cost more lives of civilians. Military intervention is last option, but if dictators ride, there nation into bankruptcy and basically privatizing all the national wealth, they should be removed, these are outdated politicians.

I am not hiding that in the west a  similar movement is going on and the difference is that it is not one family clan, or a group of some, there are many clans and families, which want to safeguard their share, as mentioned already above. You can say by removing Gaddafi, Obama should also remove Goldman Sachs.

Yes for sure there are double standards as an old American lady explained to me. "We have nowadays the best state department world wide, they do a superb job". What the old lady was saying is, that also the state department learned.

All and everything in live is double sided, what makes misery here, makes happiness somewhere else and vice verse and as bigger the organization or operation is as more gets out of control, see the catholic church. So if the US moves even under positive means to help, a lot gets already destroyed in midway and this is the problem. Big cities, big industry, big, big, big mainly destroys because it loses the interest for the detail. Because they can't be bothered with the detail, seeing just the big picture. The big picture is the pretext for excuse, we have to destroy because if not, people have no jobs, this is when things go out of control.

Chairman Mao made an end of the reign of many warlords and criminal gangs, made an end to all the Chiang Kai-shek old and outdated immoral aristocracy, which even went in bed with the biggest enemy, the Japanese. He united China with sheer force and brutality, the peoples army raced and killed all and everything which seamed not in party line (calling that today collateral damage). But by eradicating the old and grown culture and public consciousness, he left generations without an moral, social and cultural backbone, what was left over, was introduced by Deng XiauPing, maximal capitalism, the biggest shopping nation world wide.

You need to credit China, as the X billion population which does not suffers of hunger, which India still does and India is unable to get rid of the cast system. Honoring such an achievement doesn't mean to be quiet about the other side of the medal. By leading people becoming maximal consumers, this is not a political / society concept, rather a political deadlock.

There is an next generation here in China, which thinks and feels different but the danger is, that the only value which is widely accepted and established, as value, is the economical success. Maybe China is in transition to the next regulative, which will lead to a some sort of harmonious society. Today the projected harmonious society is only harmonious, as long the bills can be paid and shopping is a guaranteed refuge.

My opinion is, that the west is in no better shape, and for sure the West has no right to play the innocent and clean energy system. I take it as the Thais say, "same same but different". Now Osama is maybe in heaven, playing with, eighty thousand servants and seventy-two houri, over which stands a dome decorated with pearls, aquamarine and ruby, as wide as the distance from al-Jabiyyah to San'a. 72 dark-eyed virgins of perfect beauty a lot of girls to talk with.

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