Universal RFID Asset Tags are Imperative and Significant in Modern Asset Governance

In contemporary society, more and more universal RFID Asset Tags are being introduced into asset tracking applications among numerous modern companies. From previous experience, people could easily perceive that traditional asset management methods lacking in universal RFID Asset Tags are factitious and superannuated because of so many mistakes, low efficiency and high cost. Therefore, it is essential and crucial for modern enterprises to employ high-tech (such as universal RFID Asset Tags) to improve the efficiency of asset management and control the condition of asset inventory. Luckily, DAILY RFID, a leading RFID tech products supplier and producer, has recently launched a series of universal RFID Asset Tags specially designed for asset management applications to realize the inventory control intelligent, scientific and automatic.

It is no exaggeration to say that universal RFID Asset Tags from DAILY have admirable performance. For example, when it comes to asset management tag-04, users usually feel excited due to its stable and reliable quality. Compliant with ISO 14443 or ISO 15693 protocols, this universal RFID Asset Tag is made of fixed magnetic material and epoxy materials which enable the tags to perform well in harsh condition, such as dipping in water or acid. Moreover, based on the frequency of 125 KHz or 13.56 MHz, smart universal RFID Asset Tags has the reading distance up to eight centimeters. And its mini size is 20 millimeter in diameter and 3 millimeter in thickness. Besides, this universal RFID Asset Tag is able to support the highest operating temperature of +80 Celsius degree and the lowest temperature of -40 Celsius degree. Also it can be personalized with printing and numbering. In addition, these universal RFID Asset Tags have successfully passed the rigorous testing requirements for Aerospace standard AS5678 specification. Therefore, DAILY’S universal RFID Asset Tags are very suitable for asset tracking and metal-tagging applications.

Practically, applying universal RFID Asset Tags into asset and inventory control, lots of enterprises have realized the automatic asset inventory verification and eliminate costly mistakes caused by manual operations. More importantly, universal RFID Asset Tags have the capacity to impel companies to grasp the status of assets comprehensively and accurately in very short time. Furthermore, businessmen can finally establish the unified, effective and real-time system of assets and resources control by employing DAILY’S universal RFID Asset Tags. In a word, universal RFID Asset Tags are imperative and significant in modern asset governance.

Please find more information about universal RFID Asset Tags at DAILY RFID website: universal rfid asset tags


DAILY RFID CO., LIMITED (http://www.rfid-in-china.com), which belongs to PAN Group Co., Ltd, is the leading company focusing on the research and development of EPC & RFID technology, such as universal RFID Asset Tags in China.

DAILY specialize in producing arguably the world's most extensive line of universal RFID Asset Tags, which are suitable for any vertical markets, and have obtained the National Integrated Circuit Card Register Certificate, IC Card Manufacture License and ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification. Also, we own a factory covering an area of 26,000 square meters.

DAILY's universal RFID Asset Tags are designed and manufactured with recognized industry standards relevant to RFID and its markets but most notably for use in the demanding environments to recognize and understand your business's RFID and NFC needs.

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