We need to out-innovate, out-educate and out-build the rest of the world. UH Obama UH.

That is, we all are waiting for, to be out innovated.
To set an master plan for all the rednecks it is not easy, but the misery is programmed to continue, if rednecks start to "out the world" or maybe not? Nature is not our friend just swim in the see or cross the jungle, humanoids are seafood or just one of many on natures menu list. Lets flash back a little bid to understand the bigger picture. Ones the British filled all there criminals in ships and shipped them to America. So today we have to deal with the inherited biodiversity, only the pore black slaves ones liberated are softening "the approach". Otherwise we would have one war after the other and the holy Empire (from Romans till Nazi Germany) and now US would shift the global army around the globe around the clock. Out bid the world, means globalization full force fast forward, on your native 5 fingers you can count what will happen. Economic globalization is just the same war with other weapons, it lets masses behind and they are all unemployed and if lucky not parked in one of the big refuge camps in Africa or Asia.
Empires if they go down, there sinking messages sound like a wild cat hunted down into a corner, and then she goes berserk. Angkor Wat was build by an empire, than something went wrong and they just abandoned the installation and Mister and Missis Jungle took over. Same faith happened to the Buddhist mega temples Borobudur in Indonesia. Than someone discovered the installation, centuries later and restoration begun. Jobs have been created, and step by step the tourist industry joins the economic efforts to exploit what is left or build. Imagine this happens with Washington, the Pentagon, the White house, the Capitol just abandoned, empty, no one there. Nature takes over, out innovated. The best to start Mr. Obama is to out -innovate, -educate and out-build and most important out- source your nation first, that would help a lot. Move with all the US to Africa.
Picture bottles: Designer Clay Butler, new Marijuana soda to launch in February.

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