2006: a reflective space odyssey

Gutted. spent ages writing a new blog entry yesterday. I thought I submitted it but looks like I can’t have. So the following is a (reluctant) attempt to recreate it...

2006: the dawning of man. The beginning of a new era: blogging. Ok, so blogging isn’t exactly a new thing but this is actually my first time (well second actually!) Shameful, yes. Better late than never though. It’s a liberating feeling to know that I one of 100 million+ bloggers worldwide. Hmmm, not sure about that actually.

Having a voice isn’t really the point for me at the moment anyway. I’m more interested in using this as a way to track my own thought processes along the course of this whirlwind journey. So the following represents more of an Interactive Media Reflective Space Odyssey.

So far the journey has been like a rollercoaster ride of discovery. Loop the loops, twisters. Sometimes scary. Always exciting. So much to learn and not enough time. Here come another loop (9 January PG Cert presentations!!!) ahhhh!

Time is always the problem. Must stop worrying about it though. MORE DOING, LESS THINKING is the way forward for me this year. Not even sure which way I’m going yet on this interactive journey. This way? That way? Interactive? Networked media? Must consider where my final destination lies yet mustn't forget the creative potential of exploring unchartered waters and going with the flow. Downstream not upstream.

Anyway going to need a map to give me some direction with this blogging process. So my focus will of course be on interactive media, specifically remixing: which I foresee as being part of a new cultural paradigm. As I mentioned before this is perhaps more importantly a reflective space so i am able to track the randomness of my thoughts and how they come together at the end.

So for now heads back hold tight! its gonna be some ride from here on in...

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