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With the long awaited Takeaway festival due to commence tomorrow, this is in many ways the culmination of Node London events. Its been fun but I cannot possibly spend another minute on Node London after Friday because I need to concentrate 100 per cent on my project (otherwise its not going to get finished in time for PG dip presentations!)

Having spent some time at the Dana centre today, in some ways I find this 'node' an unusual choice of exhibition space. Of course these things come down to personal taste but I just find the Dana Centre thing a little too pretentious, polished, and generally OTT. I intend to question the organisers (Rave tutors) more about why this 'space' was chosen over any other.

I just think the ideology of our "do-it-yourself" event seems so out of place in this poshy poshy west London space. Wouldn't somewhere a little less regulated have been more appropriate? (More likely to be found in East London).

From a practical point of view, I understand that events organised by Educational institutions are always going to be instilled with a sense of paranoia regarding the potential for accidents, hefty lawsuits etc, hence the desire to cover themselves as much as possible. But today's fire drill at the Dana was unecessary and patronsising. We weren't told anything which isnt coompletely obvious anyway.

The other issue for the college almost certainly comes down to security. The Dana centre probably being one of the few venues which can provide some security, especially important considering the amount of equipment which we have lugged over from college. Knowing the beauracracy of the college I can't see them allowing this event to go on in, say, the old Boxing Club at Limehouse Town Hall.

But what exactly are we trying to get security from? As we were told today by Dana Centre staff, they are targeted by thieves, specifically because who they are. Would a a venue with not such a high profile be open to the same security risks? Personally, I think not. Maybe the Boxing Club might not be such a bad place after all!

Last rant. And on top of all this there is the added expense for us in spending the best part of a week at such a venue which charges nearly five pounds for a coffee and croissant. I am determined to subvert these ridiculous prices! how long will i last?

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