Takeway: Corrugation Street

I'm presenting my work at the Takeaway show, and been working on taking Corrugation Street further. This is the latest version, hastily done in time for the show. So far I've worked on:
- improving the code, making it more efficient and sturdy
- adding new episodes

During the first day I had a lot of feedback which is proving useful in helping me work out future directions for the project. This is actually the first chance I've had to collect proper feedback, and it's good feedback as well.

I think my next tasks are to work on the interface a bit, to make it all easier to understand - especially to explain what's going on, and explain more about the stories/ structure/ characters/ themes. I want to start making the whole thing more collaborative, and am considering starting blog dedicated to the soap, so people can suggest their own characters, themes, stories etc, and maybe then we can all agree between us where the story should go. I think at this stage if people can suggest stories (episodes), and I can make them. Then further down the line I want to open it all up, and people can build their own stories as a mix of web feeds and ready made drawings in libraries.

I'm also looking for ways of making the project more viable, especially to help me take the project further, and I think there are people here who can help.

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