Corrugation Street

For me this show has been a very enjoyable experience, from the point of view of looking at other people's work, and exchanging ideas. I particularly enjoyed the evening lectures - very stimulating. But also the show has been great for me as an opportunity to show my work, and gather feedback. Actually it's the most intense feedback I've had yet on my Corrugation Street project, it's made me question quite a few aspects I'd not considered, and has given me useful ideas for building into the next version. Here are some comments I've had:

"Too slow! Desperate need to speed up image creation speed - or alternatively show the process as images are created, so users get sense of something happening- why they're waiting" (this I'm aware of already but my programming expertise is limited and not sure how to improve this)
"I'd like to be able to browse all previously created stories, maybe by timestamp or user's name"
"Is there a story? I didn't realise"
"The stories aren't visible - the RSS text obscures the story captions"
"Why be concerned about the stories having depth of content or meaning- it's just visual fun and you should accept this. It's all noise and it reflects real life, which is full of noise anyway"
"You need to enter corrugation street into festivals, best way to get the work known"
"Can I print the stories?"
" I like it, it's fun"
"How can I add my own stories?"

If you have any more comments please enter them here, much appreciated.

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