The three days festival was a "melting pot" for people with all sorts of expertise.
From people that know nothing about this exciting field of new media. To students that are keen on taking part in this "revolution". To artists and experts that made Open Source their way of living.
Which made it the ideal place for me to exhibit my work, and do some research for my project.
dpi - Digital Palestine Israel, is a work in progress, and the festival gave me an opportunity to receive some very helpful and constructive criticism.

One of the critic I got to hear from a couple of users regarded my choice of words for the game.
Suggesting the words i've chosen are to harsh. It is quite interesting to me that people like the idea of "A Game of Occupying Pixels", But think it shouldn't be followed by words like War, Occupier, Attacker, Defender. Coming from Israel I regard the on going conflict strictly as a War. The terminology can't be something else if I really want that the comments people write in the game will stay related to this subject.

I tried to simulate the the project by asking people to write their comments on a sticker and post it on my poster. When asking for that the first response I got from most people was - What should I write?
I wouldn't know i kept replying, mentioning that it is not my intent to restrict the comments on the site, and that the only way I am hoping to direct the conversation is by shaping the Rules of this game, the Design and the Terminology I chose to use. (In this sense I did noticed that eventually most comments I got did talk about the project and the conflict and not just "small-talk").
I did expected to get more comments on the poster, So I guess my small experiment did not go as good as I hoped, Though I did get some nice comments (Thanks)
Here are some of them -

I am happy and thankful for this chance given to me, to exhibit in the Festival.
It seems to me that TAKEAWAY was a success
I hope this festival is a beginning of a wonderful tradition.

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