Docu-filmmaker IS murdered by Israeli Soldier

A coroner today finally announced that the Documentary filmmaker James Miller was indeed 'murdered' by an Israeli soldier.

Carrying a white flag and journalist insignia, James Miller was shot in the front of the neck (despite claims that he was caught in cross fire and shot in the back) while making a documentary in May 2003 in the Rafah refugee camp about Palestinian children caught up in fighting with Israel.

The Israeli army last April cleared an officer, identified only as Lieutenant H, of any wrongdoing in Mr Miller's death, drawing an official protest from the British government.

In a statement, the Israeli Embassy in London said it regretted Miller's death. "After a very thorough investigation using laboratories in Israel and abroad and after reviewing all the available evidence, it was not possible to reach a reliable conclusion that could provide a basis for proceedings under criminal law," the embassy said.

But why has this "field investigation" not been published? Very suspicious. Although a military investigation and a soldier had been identified there were no ballistics report! The metropolitan police have also constantly been blocked by the Israeli government in their attempts to investigate. This all smacks of a cover up.

Miller's film, Death in Gaza, completed by colleagues after his killing, shows the 34-year-old approaching an armoured vehicle in the dark before the fatal shots sounded.

He had been trying to ask the soldiers if it was safe to leave the area when he was fatally shot in the neck.

In a statement after the verdict, the family said their efforts to investigate Mr Miller's death had "finally been vindicated" by the jury's verdict, after a three-year struggle.

Death in Gaza won three Emmy awards in 2005.

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