celebrity madness

....oh dear oh dear oh dear. What is the world coming to?

According to The Sunday Times Culture magazine today the best selling hardbacks at present are:

1. Jade Goodey Autobiography
2. Jordan Autobiography
3. Daniella Westbrook Autobiography

For anyone that doesn't know who these people are, let me briefly summerise:

1. Jade - came 3rd in Big Brother a few years ago. This is the woman who thought: horseradish come from horses, that peacocks had eyes in their feathers, who thought Rio de Janeiro was a person (she meant Rio Ferdinand a football player!) Complaining about her ever expanding girth, Jade said: "I was a skinny bird when I came in here but now my clothes are too thin for me."

2. Jordan - ex page 3 model with enormous breasts; also starred in terrible British reality TV and is....er how can i say...intellectually challenged.

3. Daniella Westbrook - ex-Eastenders actress who snorted so much cocain she now only has one nostrel for her nose.

and why do i feel sick? because the British public are buying this crap. Presumably these are the same people who buy The Sun. I don't feel ashamed of saying that this nation must be full of some very odd people.

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