Hilarious BBC balls up

A computer expert has spoken of his astonishment at seeing a taxi driver interviewed on BBC television news in the mistaken belief it was him. Guy Kewney was invited to BBC Television Centre to answer questions on the legal battle between the Beatles' Apple Corps and Apple Computer. As he watched the BBC's News 24 channel in a reception area while waiting to be interviewed, he was gobsmacked to see "Guy Kewney" appear on the screen.

Mr Kewney, who is white, is a specialist in computers and information technology, having worked as an IT journalist and founded newswireless.net. But the "Guy Kewney" who appeared in the BBC slot was a black man who did not seem to know much about the complicated High Court case.

The cabbie, who has not been named, gamely attempted to answer questions fired at him by BBC consumer affairs correspondent Karen Bowerman. He had been waiting for his fare in reception when he heard the name Guy Kewney called out. Presumably expecting the expert to follow him to the taxi, he raised his hand - and found himself being ushered into a studio and fitted with a microphone.

On his website, the real Mr Kewney said the cabbie "seemed as baffled as I felt" when asked about the consequences of the lawsuit live on BBC News 24. Only when Ms Bowerman announced live on air the name and title of the man who should have been there and asked the first question did the driver realise there had been a mix-up.

Admitting the mistake, a BBC spokeswoman said: "We apologise to viewers for any confusion."

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