Sunrise Festival 2006

This was one event were I was invited to give a talk on Alternative Energy in the Permaculture section...

The Sunrise festival was held for five days over the summer solstice period. This was a massive undertaking for the organisors and covered apx 600 acres , they pulled off the first 24hr music license for such a long festival here in the UK and had the whole site served entirely by compost loos (thats another story they worked well).

The stages, sound, lights and cinemas were all powered by solar / wind and biofuel, this was like the big green gathering turned into a proper party... I even traveled to somerset in a Vegi oil powered car.

It was an amazing and inspiring event, with loads to do some great bands, singers, djs etc, circus + caberet, spiritual stuff, as well as your green crafts and technology workshops, film screenings, skillshares, discussions, techno magic and loads more.

I think the UK needs more festivals like this - non-corporate, non-branded, autonomous, eco-promoting and very great fun...


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