Does anybody knows where the hell is Darfur? Me neither, at least until last week when my wife went to a play in Kilburn about a war over there. Darfur is placed in Sudan, a very poor country in Africa, and as well as it happened in many other countries over there, since 2003 they are living a huge civil war. The situation in Darfur is described by many as genocide or ethnic cleansing, more than 400.000 people were killed already. There were attempts to send UN troops to the conflict area but either they were rejected by the sudanese government or they were far from enough to make something change.

I'm not questioning the interests of Mr. Bush to save the day but one interesting aspect about this war is that, maybe as well as it was for me you're not getting informed about it by the TV or newspaper, differently from Iraq where the war became a gore reality show. The question is, do you give the proper importance for the fact that 400.000 people are dead in a small area of a really poor country when you know about it by the internet? Maybe you were downloading songs to your ipod before reading this and after you're buying tickets to see Lionel Ritchie at ticketmaster, the strange thing is that probably in this while women are being raped, man are having they're head blown and that's meaningless to you.

Other info about Darfur google it.

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