More Data Can Now Be Stored on Paper

Student Develops Paper Capable of 450GB of Storage

Rainbow technology still in the works but holds promise

According to a report from the Arab News, a university technology student named Sainul Abideen has invented a method of storing massive amounts of digital data on a plain piece of paper that he claims could store many times the capacity of the best Blu-ray or HD-DVD discs. Rainbow technology can store from 90 to 450GB on a piece of paper. The biggest advantage of the new technology would be the biodegradable nature of his storage devices which would do away with the e-waste pollution.Computer or fashion magazines in future need not carry CDs.

Abideen, who hails from the Kerala, India, claims that that his Rainbow system is better than a binary storage because instead of using ones and zeros to represent data, Abideen uses geometric shapes such as squares and hexagons to represent data patterns. Color is also used in the system to represent other data elements. According to Abideen, all that's required to read the Rainbow prints is a scanner and specialized software.

The reporter at Arab News claims to have seen 450 pages of fully printed foolscap being stored on a 4-square inch piece of Rainbow paper. The reporter also claimed that he was shown a 45-second video clip that was stored using the Rainbow system on a plain piece of paper. Interestingly, 45-seconds of video isn't a lot, and if the Rainbow system can store up to 450GB, then we need to be watching full length high-definition videos from a piece of paper.

source: http://www.arabnews.com/?page=4&section=0&article=88962&d=18&m=11&y=2006

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