Blogging to decrease - Can we take advantage of it

It has been interesting to see how computers and associated technologies are used by the multitude. Like most things the wax and wain in popularity. According to electric news.net blogging is set to peak next year. It has been seen that blogging is set to reach its nadir next year and will then level out at around 100m active bloggers.

In November, blog tracker Technorati revealed that 100,000 new online journals, are being created every day, with 1.3m posts blogged daily. However, It is predicted that the blogging boom may be close to ending as over 200m individuals have already given up on the activity.

It does not mean blogging is dead rather it seems that will limit itself to a large specific group. The estimated 100m flatline for bloggers is alot of people. What we might see is a shift from the current drive to entice new bloggers to sites but service the needs of the existing bloggers better. You could a great emphasis on quality rather than the volume.

Another interesting prediction from electric news is that business have tended to be missing out on opportunities to build networks that could put them at a competitive advantage. Instead, they follow outdated design practices and collectively will waste at least $100bn in the next five years. This, is bad for the business but it does offer an exciting oppotunity for a network media professional to thrive here if they apply themselves in the right way and in the right context to use this vast untapped area.

The future is not certain but it can indicate that to be successful we need to adapt our approach to each oppotunity that may presents itself to us within the network media envoronments. It is a varied and challenging world out there. Be prepared!

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