User Center Systems

User Centrer Systems and their technology's up to now have a rather quantitative approach, with an add on their graphic/industrial design, to produce “beautyfull” products, with a stated kind of “beauty”. User Center Systems proved to be a huge market place, which are based on Human Computer Interaction and Usability studies, with this knowledge they exploit a functional need and communicate utterances which raise up expectations, achieving cognitive effects which formulate the users. In the same time, User Centrer Systems are a necessity and i find that few can be consider as such. Their power is on their impact which comes as a matter of ethos in their intention.

Consider what kind of users we have at this point in time. Users that “enjoy” functionality and “beauty”. Users that live a type of lifestyle. What seems scary is a statement by Linda Stone on the IDEA2006 conference stating that mass consciousness is ready for a better quality of life.

As an Information Designer and a human , is my belief that we have to take a humanitarian – qualitative approach in building architectures and systems that derive from knowledge and inspiration from theoretical schemas as the ones that are developed in Pragmatics. The only aim is to actively enhance cognition and implicate to the users a critical rationality. This kind of users and that kind of systems will be embraced in the evolution of our cognitive models. Our cognition evolves, is not a matter of choice, the direction that it takes is a matter of action.

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