FON + Starbucks = cash for ya

Welcome to Fonbucks, where FON + Starbucks = cash for you. If you live above or next to a Starbucks (or any cafe/coffee shop for that matter!), you are eligible for a free wireless router that will earn you cash from the minute you plug it in. This also means if you are a cafe, coffee shop, restaurant or other public venue you are eligible too! By installing your FON router, you let others share your broadband for a daily fee. A fee that goes straight into your pocket. A savvy patron of your Starbucks need only pay $2 a day for your WiFi. They'd have to be a grande drip to pay the $10 Starbucks charges. Each customer who chooses you puts $1 into your latte fund. Cha-ching.

Your FON router comes with two channels - a private and a public – so you and your Starbucks customers will always be separate. Simple and secure. By clicking below you will go straight to the Fon shop. Just fill out the information and a free router will be on the way. Once you get your FON router and install it, all we ask is that you keep it plugged in.
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Welcome to FON, where becoming a Fonero will make you dinero.

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