Steve Balmer's excitement about the world

I admit, I had difficulties to choose the headline between: the world gets flat again, after devout Roman Catholic Steven Balmer presented the touch sensitive table , calling it happiness through Microsoft.

You can see how happy this gentleman is by presenting Microsoft's new product's, just look in his eyes, (that's why Hollywood stars hide behind sunglasses). So we will have a more balanced world, "in the model of computation than before". That's all what we need in the current state.

Fine is that Microsoft is continuing to make massive amounts of money by convincing users what vista (vista= Aussicht, Blick, Durchblick, Perspektive - in German) they need and on other hand we have this PC (political correctness) where we vaccinate the rest of non computer-users on our planet against deceases which proper computer-users should not get, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

via Forbes: 1 Bill Gates, $40.7 billion Rank: 1 Microsoft's operating software drives 93% of the world's desktop computers. The world's richest man is also its biggest giver: more than $1 billion annually, much to vaccine research.

It's an understandable view, from my lake site home. People will have no doubt, why it makes more sense to vaccinate the "outside rather the inside". Because which posh computer user is interested to have the Darfur standard laying around near his/here computer-screen. It's cleaner to watch it trough media-channel's on large wall and table displays from remote and donate for charity and than switch off, by just touching the clean surface. But if I want to have the interactive Darfur standard, I load my Halo2 game and navigate in full protected gear, to kill the enemy.

Yes of course that all after my "happy latte macchiato girls" left the surface scrolling through family friendly standard's in my lake site home.

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