Art and immaterial labour, Maurizio Lazzarato, Judith Revel, Franco Berardi (Bifo), Antonio Negri

Radical philosophy conference - art and immaterial labour. Art’s materiality has been the focus of critical debate since claims about the ‘dematerialization’ of art were made in New York at the end of the 1960s.

More recently, in the context of libertarian political debates in Italy and France, claims have been made about the ‘immaterial’ character of labour processes based on information technology, and the cultural and intellectual content of commodities.

This conference brings these two discourses together to stage a debate about contemporary art, ‘immaterial’ labour and new modes of production of subjectivity [text via radical philosophy], subscribe here to radical philosophy's journal. Here some links to related resources, Multitudes , Affinity project , A Workshop with Antonio Negri on his book Time for Revolution , read the text Immaterial Labour by Maurizio Lazzarato and Rekombinant We don’t need communication, we need creation.

The speakers at the conference:
Maurizio Lazzarato - Art, Work and Politics After Guattari's Aesthetic Paradigm
Judith Revel - The Material of the Immaterial: Critique of Idealisms and New Vitalisms
Franco Berardi (Bifo) Conjunction/Connection
Antonio Negri - Metamorphoses: Concerning Periodization in Art

Maurizio Lazzarato Q&A 1

Maurizio Lazzarato Q&A 2

Maurizio Lazzarato Q&A 3

Franco Berardi (Bifo) extract

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