RFID LED Wristbands Afford a Secure and Efficient Backbone for Access Control in Festivals

As people see, RFID LED wristbands have added lots of highlights for festivals in virtue of its beautiful colors, various shapes and outstanding performance in personnel identification and tracking, which is very helpful for these bracelets to be sought-after among different festivals and events.

Advanced RFID Wristband System Makes the Hospital Service More Humanized

With the maturity of RFID technology, the application of RFID wristband tag has also become more and more wide, convenient and efficient under the unremitting efforts of RFID producers and users. As an outstanding RFID tech products developer and manufacturer, DAILY RFID has recently released a series of smart and waterproof RFID wristband tag for a variety of festivals and events such as sports, conferences and exhibition, and also for hospitals and medical emergency, aiming at enhancing the efficiency of access management and heighten the level of human service.

RFID Sticker Labels Specially Designed for Library Management Spring Up Like Mushrooms

At present, RFID sticker labels specially deisgned for libraries have sprung up like mushrooms ever since more and more library managerss realized the revolution brought by wireless radio frequency identification technology. With the rapid development and large-scale application of RFID technology, the quality of RFID sticker labels is becoming higher and higher and its cost is becoming lower and lower, which in turn expedites its adhibition in modern libraries.

RFID Animal Tags Impel the Flourish of Livestock Industry in Significant Measure

Currently, there are more and more ranchers starting to apply advanced RFID animal tags, which are radio frequency identification technology products for animal tracking, into modern pig slaughtering and processing enterprises. By right of contactless and multiple identification, RFID animal tags have played an important role in RFID pig slaughtering production monitoring management system in real time.

Waterproof Passive Smart RFID Tags Conduce to Building Working Platform for Laundry Management

In recent days, a series of waterproof passive smart RFID tags have been launched by DAILY RFID, a Chinese leading company who is dedicated to design and manufacture RFID technology products, for better laundry tracking and linen management. In terms of their application, these waterproof passive smart RFID tags can be called RFID laundry tags with high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and repeatability.

RFID Wristband Gradually Truns into the Cornerstone of Efficient and Secure Access Control Apps

Along with the rapid progress of RFID technology, RFID wristband has gradually become the cornerstone of efficient and secure access control and payment for miscellaneous applications, including events, festivals, amusement parks, hotels as well as bars and clubs. Recently, as a leading professional RFID tech products manufacturer, DAILY RFID has also released a wide range of RFID wristbands based on a standard RFID technology that can be RFID-enabled to work with any RFID system at various festivals and events around the world.

Door Control RFID Cards Maintain the Security and Raise the Efficiency of Access Management

With social development, door control RFID card based on the wireless radio frequency identification technology has become a significant part in the security and protection system and been extensively applied into intelligent buildings, offices, hotels, libraries and the like. As a Chinese pioneer who is dedicated to designing and producing technical RFID tech products, DAILY RFID has lately unveiled a series of door control RFID tags with a variety of shapes, including RFID key fob, RFID cards and RFID wristbands.

RFID Data Terminal DL710Plus Makes it Easy to Collect Data in Higher Efficiency and Accuracy

Nowadays, in the field of data collection, RFID data terminal has played a significant role and enjoyed great popularity among numerous enterprises along with the speedy advancement of RFID technology and the cost reduction of RFID products. As people see, traditional manual data management cannot adapt the increasing development of social economy any more because of its low efficiency and poor reliability, which is pressed for high-tech tools (like RFID data terminal) to collect data.

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