Prix Ars Electronica Award Winners Called

Ars Electronica announces this year’s winners of the Prix Ars Electronica. The winners get 10.000 Euros each, that’s about 6000 salty squids for you English, and a Golden Nica which is a little statuette similar to the Oscars. Uncountable are of course the many fame and reputation credits that come with the awards which are handed out in six categories.

Tomek Baginski from Platige Image (Poland) won in the category
Computer Animation/Visual Effects with his work "Fallen Art", described as a ‘very black comedy’ in the Press Release. Sounds quite underground compared to the times when Toy Story won the award 10 times in a row (or maybe I am making this up? please comment me wrong if you have information to the contrary).

New Blog to 'Shop' Tesco

New blog criticises growth of Tesco. Interview/news story with founder Dave Miller

The astonishing growth of Britain’s biggest supermarket has become the focus of a new blog. Supermarket-sweep-up.com was launched earlier this week by a non-affiliated “concerned consumer” who says he is worried by the rise and rise of Tesco.

The new blog, dedicated to the UK-based retail juggernaut, hopes to place greater public scrutiny on the company, which recently posted record profits and now accounts for nearly 30% of the UK retail food market.

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