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Mazine.ws is an online portal for new media. We are reporting about areas as diverse as ecology, intellectual property, digital satire, mobile media, net art, hacktivism, the visualisation of data, emergence and epistemology, node nurturing and responsive environments.

We wish to promote fluid, cross-cultural and cross-specialist exchange among those with varied expertise and ambitions, reflecting diverse interests, backgrounds and cultures. We therefore encourage the participation of anyone who is interested in identifying and making the most of opportunities offered by new media and networked communities.

The technical and aesthetic aspects of Mazine.ws will be experimental and challenging but above all will evolve to fulfill and reflect contributors interests, explorations and research. We explore contemporary issues, trends and discussions in the area of networked media from technical, artistic, social and political perspectives.

Our aim is to develop a dynamic resource for new media across the UK, Europe, Asia and the Americas to serve as:

  • a showcase for innovation in art, design, science and technology
  • a platform that challenges ideas about intellectual property
  • an experimental model for online collaboration and publication
  • a new home for research using the potential of the digital domain

If you share our interest in exploring the possibilities of networked media and would like to become a contributor to Mazine.ws please 'register' and follow instructions to 'submit content'.

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