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wierd custom-made instruments

Bad luck if you missed out on the sound performance on day 2 of Takeaway festival. Julean Simon's "midi wind controller concert" and Jon Cambeul's "Wacom Guitar" went down very nicely after 2 and a half hours of lectures.

Breadboard Band Strike Back

Sound performance from Takeaway festival (wednesday pm)

This time Shosei's infamous Breadboard Band have no technical problems and the performance is a major sucess. Nice one sushi (as Karel likes to call you - food on the brain as usual!)

Eye-Opening Stuff

Day one:

Throughout Node London I have continued to be amazed by the motivation of a number of really intelligent, alternative people with very clear, and persuassive ideas about life, politics, digital culture (amongst other things). Takeaway has only served to emphasise my opinions in this sense.

If we could see a live streamed google map of London right now, I'm sure Dana Centre would be glowing, with so much energy bursting out of the walls from Takeaway.

suitability of exhibition space

With the long awaited Takeaway festival due to commence tomorrow, this is in many ways the culmination of Node London events. Its been fun but I cannot possibly spend another minute on Node London after Friday because I need to concentrate 100 per cent on my project (otherwise its not going to get finished in time for PG dip presentations!)

Having spent some time at the Dana centre today, in some ways I find this 'node' an unusual choice of exhibition space. Of course these things come down to personal taste but I just find the Dana Centre thing a little too pretentious, polished, and generally OTT. I intend to question the organisers (Rave tutors) more about why this 'space' was chosen over any other.

RE: generation collaboration

Running as part of the Node London's 'Deptford TV' event cluster "Documentary Database" on Saturday was the third and final in a series of workshops, exploring audio-visual documentation of the regeneration process in Deptford.

Located at SPC media lab (previously Deckspace HQ), at Borough Hall, Greenwich, this has been host to the do-it-yourself media for over a decade, long before the Internet existed, as we know it today.

Ryoji Ikeda: 'The Matrix' Effect

Ryoji Ikeda's 'performance/installation' hybrid, shown at the Barbican on Monday night, was comprised of 2 parts, mainly exploiting sound's physical property, and its causality with human perception.

The first part of the performance was "formula [prototype-ver.2.3]", a work in progress that Ryoji first performed at Queen Elizabeth's Hall in 2000. So over the past 6 years the project has apparently been constantly evolving.

Deck @ Dana

Google for "Andy Deck" and you will get hundreds (probably thousands) of websites, which rather ironically, define him in the same way: "Andy Deck makes public art for the Internet that resists generic categorization". Other keywords you are likely to find commonly associated with the artist Andy Deck are “net art”, “software art”, “screen-based interfaces”, “anti-corporatism”, and "anti-militarism".

Born Performers

I really hate public transport, but the other night, the train journey back from Charing Cross to Elmstead Woods has never been so enjoyable...

A pissed guy with a strong cockney accent managed to entertain a train full of commuters by raising an interesting mathematical problem!

The problem went something like this:

if 1.5 chickens lay 1.5 eggs in 1.5 days, how many eggs do 6 chickens lay in 7 days?

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