RFID Contactless Smart Card Reader — the Key Device for Contactless System

As a new big tide of adopting the RFID Contactless Smart Card Reader was generated in the payment space. London 2012 offers people the chance to attend without cash but still pay, by using contactless cards which will be swiped over a reader like an Oyster card to make payments, and this contactless payment system rely on the Contactless Reader designed basing on the NFC technology. In order to simplify the payment process for customers, DAILY RFID has also come out with RFID Contactless Smart Card Reader (NFC Reader) to offer more approaches to fulfill the NFC payment for NFC-capable applications.

Designed as a plug-and-play device with USB or RS232 Interface, this Contactless Smart Card Reader has become a top-selling attraction among spacious clients and can be easily used in NFC system such as electronic wallet and ticketing programs. Compliant with ISO/IEC 14443 standards, the Contactless Smart Card Reader is a proximity reader to ensure high security. When enter into a NFC-enable place, like the stadium and the amusement park, the attendees can keep safety and order by this Contactless Reader. It is engineered to provide a read range from 50mm to100mm to read or write multipl various smart tags and cards, such as Mifare-One S50, Mifare Ultralight.

Besides, this kind of reader has Two-LED signal lamps indication for standby search and data communications to make it convenient to use. Besides, this desktop USB enable NFC reader is suitable for payment transactions, personal identity verification and information exchange. By inserting the reader into PC and NFC-capable Smartphone via the USB/RS232 interface, the integrated NFC device can be used to detect or exchange the information of various NFC cards for payment transactions, as well as access control and attendance management. Thus, consumers could possess the relaxed payment environment and enjoy the convenience of NFC technology and rapidity by NFC reader.

As a key device of contactless system, this portable Contactless Smart Card Reader has demonstrated the advances in the NFC technology and can elegantly cater for the NFC payments in electronic wallet, transport and amusement park applications. More places like hotel management and parking lot system can adopt this desktop contactless reader to faster the payment speeds and to increase the customers’ experience. And it is also ideal for mass transit, access control, contactless automatic fare collection programs such as concerts and sports. Since the NFC technology has hit the mainstream nowadays, and the potential applications of contactless are promising.

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