rfid smart card reader

RFID Smart Card Reader Strengthens the Security and Efficiency of Entrance Guard Attendance

As a crucial part of “Free Flow People Tracking System”, RFID smart card reader is a kind of management means aiming at personnel identification and tracing that develops in the wake of the advancement of modern automated identification technology. Nowadays, with the development of RFID technology, RFID smart card reader has received unprecedented attention and played an increasingly significant role in personnel recognition and access management applications.

RFID Contactless Smart Card Reader — the Key Device for Contactless System

As a new big tide of adopting the RFID Contactless Smart Card Reader was generated in the payment space. London 2012 offers people the chance to attend without cash but still pay, by using contactless cards which will be swiped over a reader like an Oyster card to make payments, and this contactless payment system rely on the Contactless Reader designed basing on the NFC technology.

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