RFID Paper Card Plays a Crucial Role in Tickets Management in Beauty Spots

Currently, RFID paper card, along with the development of RFID tech and social progress, has gradually been applied into ticket management in scenic spots. Due to using the carrier of electronic information as tickets, each RFID card is encrypted and can be automatically identified by access control system, which advoids fraud and human factors. Hence, RFID paper card has enjoyed great popularity among lots of beauty spots, such as in National Park, Lushan, Jiuzhai Valley and so forth. In order to meet the huge demand, DAILY RFID, the leading professional RFID tech products developer and manufacturer in China, has newly issued the latest RFID Label Ticket - 13 that is specially planned for the ticket control in tourist area.

As is well known, before the arrival of RFID paper card, the traditional scenic spot tickets management method using artificial checking exists a series of problems, including low speed, high error rate, strong labor intensity and other shortcomings. Following the progress of technology, network, information encryption and identity tech has increasingly been used into ticket management system, which will bring the bran-new management philosophy for tourism. That is to say, smart electronic RFID paper card has the ability to heighten the level of ticket management and then adapt to the requirements of modern administration. At the same time, RFID also helps to improve the whole image of the scenic area and enhance the overall efficiency.

Applying the advanced RFID technology into scenic tickets, RFID paper card has the obvious advantages, like large data capacity, strong confidentiality and security, fast read and write speed and so on. With the unique chip embedded, each RFID ticket has a globally unique ID number that can store user-defined password and user’s data. And by utilizing these resources, scenic spots managers can not only realize the anti-counterfeiting authentication of tickets, but also achieve the data storage and transfer during the process of ticket management. Moreover, RFID paper card tickets can be checked by fixed readers in the entrance, or also scanned by handheld readers in park buses or temporary entrance, with the flexible ticket checking ways to cater for users’ ticket control needs furthest.

In addition, RFID ticket from DAILY has three shapes: RFID paper card, ordinary paper ticket with RFID anti-fake tag and paper ticket with inlay RFID chip. Meanwhile, DAILY RFID can design to print or not print the tickets coupon with individual visual data (such as ticket price, ticket number and expiration data), according to customers’ requirements. Furthermore, RFID paper card can be printed with beautiful scenic landscape to disseminate the scenic region, which can assist in promoting economic benefit and social effect.

Please find more information about RFID paper card at DAILY RFID website: rfid paper card

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