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RFID Card Reader from DAILY Makes a Great Difference to RFID Applications

With the rapid development of RFID tech, the RFID card reader from DAILY has played a significant role in improving the level of RFID management operation. As a leading company who focuses on the developing and manufacturing RFID products, DAILY RFID has newly unveiled a series of RFID card reader to implement the data processing and make the operation of RFID system fast and efficient.

RFID Card Reader - a Key Tool to Enhance the Practicality and Security of RFID Management

The intelligent RFID card reader has been released by DAILY RFID, who as a professional RFID products manufacturer devotes itself efforts to design and produce advanced RFID technology products. The card reader from DAILY has brought convenient to people and won a high admiration in modern market.

The Non-contact RFID Tag Has a Huge Market Space in the Near Future

For the past few years, the non-contact RFID tag, a contactless automatic identification technology, has been used in many industries, such as attaching it into a car that the factory can be convenience to tracking the production schedule, or attaching to the drug that can be easier to checking the position in the warehouse.

Mifare RFID ID Card Owns Unparalleled Preponderance Compared with Contact IC Card

For better security management, DAILY RFID, a leading professional rfid card maker, has recently launched a series of RFID ID cards with diverse shapes, including RFID keyfob card, RFID wristband, and RFID irregular card, for various access control applications.

Compared with contact IC cards, mifare RFID ID Card has a chain of obvious preponderance as follows:

RFID Card wih Magnetic Strip Effectively Improves Security and Greatly Saves Labor Costs

It is generally known that RFID technology has gradually come into the practical phase for the maturity of the large scale integrated circuit technology and the smaller volume of radio frequency identification system. Different from the contact identification technology in the same period or the early period, the identification between RFID card with magnetic strip and the reader can be completed without contact. As a fact, RFID technology develops so soon abroad, and RFID products also differ from one another. And, in China, RFID technology is also rapidly developing.

RFID Paper Card Plays a Crucial Role in Tickets Management in Beauty Spots

Currently, RFID paper card, along with the development of RFID tech and social progress, has gradually been applied into ticket management in scenic spots. Due to using the carrier of electronic information as tickets, each RFID card is encrypted and can be automatically identified by access control system, which advoids fraud and human factors. Hence, RFID paper card has enjoyed great popularity among lots of beauty spots, such as in National Park, Lushan, Jiuzhai Valley and so forth.

Blank RFID Cards Make Access Management More Efficient and More Convenient

IC card often appears in people’s daily life, and its development has experienced several stages, including contact-type memory card, encryption card, and now it is on the way towards contactless blank RFID card direction. Wireless blank RFID cards use radio frequency technology to achieve communication between RFID card and reader. So this sort of products can also be used in identity control, burglar alarm, electronic anti-counterfeiting tags and other fields except for access management applications.

RFID Smart Card is a Tool With Highest Percentage Application in Term of Access Control

So far, RFID smart card is a tool with highest percentage application in term of access control as RFID technology is widely used in medical, financial, services and other fields to achieve many advanced features, such as anti-counterfeiting, security protection, location and so on. As a consequence, a chain of RFID smart Cards specially designed for gateway control to reduce the workforces and improve the management efficiency, have newly issued by DAILY RFID, a leading professional RRFID products manufacturer.

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