RFID Smart Card is a Tool With Highest Percentage Application in Term of Access Control

So far, RFID smart card is a tool with highest percentage application in term of access control as RFID technology is widely used in medical, financial, services and other fields to achieve many advanced features, such as anti-counterfeiting, security protection, location and so on. As a consequence, a chain of RFID smart Cards specially designed for gateway control to reduce the workforces and improve the management efficiency, have newly issued by DAILY RFID, a leading professional RRFID products manufacturer. At the same time, RFID smart card includes the application of identification, access control and equipment management and others, bringing intelligent and convenient management.

Just to speak very broadly, in the gateway control system, RFID smart card, acting a transmission medium, uses the reader with corresponding frequency and software to control relative area and only the people with access permission can normally enter and exit. For example, working on the frequency of 13.56MHz, RFID smart card used in the tickets management can effectively improve the work efficiency. When the staff checks the ticket, the only thing needs to do is to scan the tickets and the authenticity of the tickets is judged by the system automatically. In the view of the vehicle management, RFID smart card is mainly used for temporary and leased vehicles, and the card can solve the parking fee of temporary car, ensuring reliable management and low cost. In addition, RFID smart card can achieve linkage controlling, when the reader reads the effective card, the brake automatically opens. While reading ineffective card, the reader is able to show the associated reasons.

To sum up, compared with traditional magnetic card, RFID smart card has more security on the account of mutual authentication during the Identification operation between the RFID smart card and the reader. In the recent years, RFID smart card has been applied in many areas of society, and has significant influence on improving the quality of people’s lives, enhancing the economic benefits of enterprise, accelerating the public safety and raising the level of society information. Along with the advance of key technology, RFID smart card is able to have a lot of value-added services and be gradually used in all wakes of lifes.

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